LED designer

With TI's WEBENCH LED Designer suite of tools, engineers can configure a system with up to 300 LEDs in serial or parallel strings. With a single keystroke, the tool selects from hundreds of high brightness LEDs, matches an LED with one of TI's PowerWise energy efficient LED drivers and creates an optimized constant current source power supply circuit.

The engineer can easily "dial-in" their size and efficiency requirements, and then simulate the circuit behavior under dynamic conditions, including start-up, steady state, pulse-width modulation dimming and line transient. After fine-tuning the system in just minutes, the 'BuildIt!' feature provides a complete bill of materials for the LED circuit and the ability to quickly ship a custom prototype kit containing the selected LED, PC board, driver IC and passive components.

To instantly create alternative LED lighting designs and compare for efficiency, size and cost for luminous outputs up to 100,000  lumens, try WEBENCH LED Architect.