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Z3 Technology, LLC

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会社名 Z3 Technology, LLC
所在地 Lincoln, Nebraska
100 N. 8th St. STE 250
連絡先 sales@z3technology.com
電話番号 +1.402.323.0702
URL http://www.z3technology.com


At Z3, our mission is to provide our customers a production proven multimedia system and superior technical services to substantially reduce customer cost and time-to-market. Z3 Technology (pronounced Z-cubed) offers production-ready modules with exceptional quality that are highly affordable.


Z3 develops and supports open-source software architectures focused on TI's DaVinci series chipsets. Z3 Technology's production-ready modules deliver to our customers a unique combination of embedded video software innovation and optimized hardware aimed to drastically reduce time to market and development expense.

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