ADS8482 18 ビット、 1 MSPS、 パラレル ADC 、基準電圧内蔵、擬似バイポーラ・差動入力 |

18 ビット、 1 MSPS、 パラレル ADC 、基準電圧内蔵、擬似バイポーラ・差動入力



The ADS8482 is an 18-bit, 1-MSPS A/C converter with an internal 4.096-V reference and a pseudo-bipolar, fully differential input. The device includes a 18-bit capacitor-based SAR A/D converter with inherent sample and hold. The ADS8482 offers a full 18-bit interface, a 16-bit option where data is read using two read cycles, or an 8-bit bus option using three read cycles.

The ADS8482 is available in a 48-lead 7x7 QFN package and is characterized over the industrial -40°C to 85°C temperature range.


  • 0 to 1-MHz Sample Rate
  • ±1.2 LSB Typ, ±2.5 LSB Max INL
  • +0.75/-0.6 LSB Typ, +1.5/-1 LSB Max DNL
  • 18-Bit NMC Ensured Over Temperature
  • ±0.05-mV Offset Error
  • ±0.05-PPM/°C Offset Error Drift
  • ±0.035 %FSR Gain Error
  • ±0.5-PPM/°C Gain Error Drift
  • 99dB SNR, -121db THD, 123dB SFDR
  • Zero Latency
  • Low Power: 225 mW at 1 MSPS
  • Unipolar Differential Input Range: Vref to -Vref
  • Onboard Reference with 6 PPM/°C Drift
  • Onboard Reference Buffer
  • High-Speed Parallel Interface
  • Wide Digital Supply 2.7 V to 5.25 V
  • 8-/16-/18-Bit Bus Transfer
  • 48-Pin 7x7 QFN Package
    • Medical Instruments
    • Optical Networking
    • Transducer Interface
    • High Accuracy Data Acquisition Systems
    • Magnetometers