BQ25015 デュアル入力 バッテリ・チャージャ、同期整流降圧型コンバータ内蔵、出力可変 |

BQ25015 (供給中)

デュアル入力 バッテリ・チャージャ、同期整流降圧型コンバータ内蔵、出力可変

デュアル入力 バッテリ・チャージャ、同期整流降圧型コンバータ内蔵、出力可変 - BQ25015


The bq25015/7 are highly integrated charge and power management devices targeted at space-limited bluetooth applications. The bq25015/7 devices offer integrated power FET and current sensor for charge control, reverse blocking protection, high accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, charge termination, and a highly efficient and low-power dc-dc converter in a small package.

The bq25015/7 devices charge the battery in three phases: conditioning, constant current and constant voltage. Charge is terminated based on minimum current. An internal charge timer provides a backup safety feature for charge termination. The bq25015/7 automatically re-starts the charge if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold. The bq25015/7 automatically enters sleep mode when VCC supply is removed.

The integrated low-power high-efficiency dc-dc converter is designed to operate directly from a single-cell Li-ion or Li-Pol battery pack. The output voltage is either adjustable from 0.7 V to VBAT, or fixed at 1.8 V (bq25017) and is capable of delivering up to 300-mA of load current. The dc-dc converter operates at a synchronized 1 MHz switching frequency allowing for the use of small inductors.


  • Li-Ion Or Li-Pol ChargeManagement and Synchronous DC-DC Power Conversion In a Single Chip
  • Charges and Powers the System from Either the AC Adapter or USB with Autonomous Power Source Selection
  • Integrated USB Charge Control with Selectable 100 mA and 500 mA Charge Rates
  • Integrated Power FET and Current Sensor for Up to 500 mA Charge Applications AND 300 mA DC-DC Controller with Integrated FETs
  • Reverse Leakage Protection Prevents Battery Drainage
  • Automatic Power Save Mode For High Efficiency at Low Current, or Forced PWM for Frequency Sensitive Applications
    • MP3 Players
    • PDAs, Smartphones
    • Digital Cameras


機能一覧 他の製品と比較 バッテリ・チャージャ IC

Number of series cells
Cell chemistry
Charge current (Max) (A)
Operating Vin (Min) (V)
Operating Vin (Max) (V)
Absolute Vin (safety rating) (Max) ((V))
Battery charge voltage (Min) (V)
Battery charge voltage (Max) (V)
Control interface
Control topology
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
BQ25015 BQ25017
1     1    
Charger     Charger    
Li-Ion/Li-Polymer     Li-Ion/Li-Polymer    
0.5     0.5    
4.5     4.5    
6.5     6.5    
7     7    
4.2     4.2    
4.2     4.2    
Integrated Buck Converter
Integrated Buck Converter
Standalone (RC-Settable)     Standalone (RC-Settable)    
Switch-Mode Buck     Switch-Mode Buck    
Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 125     -40 to 125    
VQFN | 20     VQFN | 20    
20VQFN: 16 mm2: 3.5 x 4.5 (VQFN | 20)     20VQFN: 16 mm2: 3.5 x 4.5 (VQFN | 20)