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250 mA 高速バッファ

250 mA 高速バッファ - BUF634

新規設計に用いることは推奨しません (NRND)

代替製品 BUF634A – このデバイスは、機能とパラメータの点で、比較対象のデバイスと完全に同等です。 BUF634A has higher slew rate (3750 V/µs) and wider bandwidth (210 MHz) at a 40% lower quiescent current (8.5 mA) and is available at a lower cost

TI では、この製品を新規設計に使用することはお勧めしません。これまでにご購入されたお客様をサポートするために引き続きこの製品を提供しています。


The BUF634 is a high speed, unity-gain open-loop buffer recommended for a wide range of applications. The BUF634 can be used inside the feedback loop of op amps to increase output current, eliminate thermal feedback, and improve capacitive load drive.

For low power applications, the BUF634 operates on 1.5-mA quiescent current with 250-mA output,
2000-V/µs slew rate, and 30-MHz bandwidth. Bandwidth can be adjusted from 30 MHz to 180 MHz by connecting a resistor between V– and the BW Pin.

Output circuitry is fully protected by internal current limit and thermal shut-down, making the device rugged and easy to use.

The BUF634 is available in a variety of packages to suit mechanical and power dissipation requirements. Types include 8-pin PDIP, SOIC-8 surface-mount, 5-lead TO-220, and a 5-lead DDPAK-TO-263 surface-mount plastic power package.

The upgraded device, BUF634A offers a wider bandwidth (210 MHz) and a higher slew rate (3750 V/µs) at 40% lower quiescent current. See the Device Comparison Table for a selection of unity-gain, open-loop buffers from Texas Instruments.


  • A newer version of this device is now available: BUF634A
  • High output current: 250 mA
  • Slew rate: 2000 V/µs
  • Pin-selected bandwidth: 30 MHz to 180 MHz
  • Low quiescent current: 1.5 mA (30 MHz BW)
  • Wide supply range: ±2.25 to ±18 V
  • Internal current limit
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • 8-pin PDIP, SOIC-8, 5-lead TO-220, 5-lead DDPAK-TO-263 surface-mount

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