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N チャネル NexFET™ パワー MOSFET

N チャネル NexFET™ パワー MOSFET - CSD16321Q5


This 25-V, 1.9-mΩ, 5-mm × 6-mm SON NexFET™ power MOSFET has been designed to minimize losses in power conversion and optimized for 5-V gate drive applications.


  • Optimized for 5-V Gate Drive
  • Ultra-Low Qg and Qgd
  • Low-Thermal Resistance
  • Avalanche Rated
  • Lead-Free Terminal Plating
  • RoHS Compliant
  • SON 5-mm × 6-mm Plastic Package

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他の製品と比較 N チャネル・トランジスタ メール Excelへダウンロード
Part number オーダー・オプション VDS (V) Configuration Rds(on) max at VGS=4.5 V (mOhms) IDM, max pulsed drain current (Max) (A) QG typ (nC) QGD typ (nC) Package (mm) VGS (V) VGSTH typ (V) ID, silicon limited at Tc=25degC (A) ID, package limited (A) Logic level
CSD16321Q5 ご注文 25     Single     2.6     200     14     2.5     SON5x6     10     1.1       100     Yes    
CSD16322Q5 ご注文 25     Single     5.8     136     6.8     1.3     SON5x6     10     1.1     97     100     Yes    
CSD16325Q5 ご注文 25     Single     2.2     200     18     3.5     SON5x6     10     1.1       100     Yes