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CSD96497Q5MC (供給中)

DualCool パッケージ封止の 65A 同期整流降圧 NexFET スマート出力段

DualCool パッケージ封止の 65A 同期整流降圧 NexFET スマート出力段 - CSD96497Q5MC

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The CSD96497 NexFET™ power stage is a highly optimized design for use in a high-power, high-density synchronous buck converter. This product integrates the driver IC and power MOSFETs to complete the power stage switching function. This combination produces high-current, high-efficiency, and high-speed switching capability in a small 5-mm × 6-mm outline package. It also integrates accurate current sensing and temperature sensing functionality to simplify system design and improve accuracy. In addition, the PCB footprint has been optimized to help reduce design time and simplify the completion of the overall system design.


  • 65-A continuous operating current capability
  • Over 93.5% system efficiency at 30 A
  • High-frequency operation (up to 1.25 MHz)
  • Diode emulation mode with FCCM
  • Temperature compensated bi-directional current sense
  • Analog temperature output
  • Fault monitoring - OTP, HS OCP, and short circuit protection
  • 3.3-V and 5-V PWM signal compatible
  • Tri-state PWM input
  • Integrated bootstrap switch
  • Optimized dead time for shoot-through protection
  • High-density QFN 5-mm × 6-mm Footprint
  • Ultra-low-inductance package
  • System optimized PCB footprint
  • DualCool™ packaging
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free terminal plating
  • Halogen free

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Part number オーダー・オプション VDS (V) Power loss (W) Ploss current (A) ID, continuous drain current at Ta=25degC (A) Configuration Package (mm) Operating temperature range (C) Rating Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Package Group
CSD96497Q5MC ご注文 25     2.8     30     65     PowerStage     SON5x6 DualCool PowerStage     -55 to 150     Catalog     12VSON-CLIP: 30 mm2: 5 x 6 (VSON-CLIP | 12)     VSON-CLIP | 12