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DLPC3470 (供給中)

DLP2010 DMD 向けディスプレイ / ライト・コントローラ

DLP2010 DMD 向けディスプレイ / ライト・コントローラ - DLPC3470


The DLPC3470 display and light controller supports reliable operation of the DLP2010/DLP2010NIR digital micromirror device (DMD) for video display and light control applications. The DLPC3470 controller provides a convenient interface between user electronics and the DMD to display video and steer light patterns with high speed, precision, and efficiency.


  • Display and Light Controller for DLP2010 and DLP2010NIR (0.2 WVGA) TRP DMD
  • Display Features
    • Supports Input Image Sizes up to 720p
    • Input Frame Rates to 120 Hz (2D and 3D)
    • 24-Bit, Input Pixel Interface Support:
      • Parallel or BT656, Interface Protocols
      • Pixel Clock up to 150 MHz
    • Image Processing - IntelliBright™ Algorithms , Image Resizing, 1D Keystone, CCA, Programmable Degamma
  • Light Control Features:
    • Pattern display optimized for machine vision and digital exposure
    • Flexible internal (1D) and external (2D) pattern streaming modes
      • Programmable exposure times
      • High speed pattern rates up to 2500 Hz (1-bit) and 360Hz (8-bit)
    • Programmable 2D Static Patterns via Splash
    • Internal Pattern streaming mode enables simplified system design
      • Eliminates the need for Video interface
      • Store >1000 patterns in the flash memory
    • Flexible trigger signals for camera/sensor synchronization
      • One configurable input trigger
      • Two configurable output triggers
  • System Features:
    • I2C Control of Device Configuration
    • Programmable Splash Screens
    • Programmable LED Current Control
    • Auto DMD Parking at Power Down

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