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DLPC900 デジタル・コントローラ(DLP9000 および DLP6500 DMD 用)



The DLPC900 is a single scalable DMD controller that supports reliable operation of three high resolution DMD chips: DLP6500FLQ, DLP6500FYE, and DLP9000FLS. This high-performance DMD controller enables programmable, high-speed pattern rates for advanced light control, especially in industrial, medical, and scientific applications. DLPC900 pattern rates enable fast and accurate 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as support high resolution and intelligent imaging applications. DLPC900 offers 128 Mbit of embedded DRAM for convenient buffering of up to 400 1-bit patterns. Input and output triggers offer easy connection and synchronization with a variety of cameras, sensors, and other peripherals. Numerous ports and connectivity options offer system flexibility and simplify chip integration into a variety of end equipment.


  • One Scalable Controller Supports DLP6500 (1080p) and DLP9000 (WQXGA) Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs) for High Resolution Industrial and Display Applications
  • Supports Multiple High-Speed Pattern Rates
    • Up to 9523 Hz (1-Bit Binary Patterns using Pre-stored or Pattern On-The-Fly Mode)
    • Up to 1031 Hz (8-Bit Gray Patterns using Pre-stored or Pattern On-The-Fly Mode),
    • External Input Up to 360 Hz (8-Bit Gray Patterns using Video Pattern Mode)
  • 128 Mbit Internal DRAM
  • 48 Mbit External Flash Stores up to 400 1-Bit Binary or 50 8-Bit Grayscale Patterns (Depending on Pattern Compression)
  • 1-to-1 Input Mapping to Micromirrors
  • Supports Multiple Bit Depths and LEDs in Pattern Modes
  • Easy Synchronization with Cameras and Sensors
    • Two Configurable Input Triggers
    • Two Configurable Output Triggers
  • Fully Programmable GPIO and PWM Signals
  • Multiple Control Interfaces
    • One USB 1.1 Slave Port and Three I2C Ports
    • LED Enable and PWM Generators
  • Video Mode
    • 24-Bit RGB Rates Up to 120 Hz
    • YUV, YCrCb, or RGB Data Format
    • Two 24-Bit Input Pixel Ports
    • Standard Video From SVGA to 1080p
    • WQXGA (DLP9000) Requires two DLPC900 controllers
  • Integrated Clock and Micromirror Drivers

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