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Automotive LVDS Differential Line Receiver




The DS90LT012AQ is a single CMOS differential line receiver designed for applications requiring ultra low power dissipation, low noise, and high data rates. The devices are designed to support data rates in excess of 400 Mbps (200 MHz) utilizing Low Voltage Differential Swing (LVDS) technology

The DS90LT012AQ accepts low voltage (350 mV typical) differential input signals and translates them to 3V CMOS output levels. The DS90LT012AQ includes an input line termination resistor for point-to-point applications.

The DS90LT012AQ and companion LVDS line driver DS90LV011AQ provide a new alternative to high power PECL/ECL devices for high speed interface applications.


  • AECQ-100 Grade 1
  • -40 to +125°C temperature range operation
  • Compatible with ANSI TIA/EIA-644-A Standard
  • >400 Mbps (200 MHz) switching rates
  • 100 ps differential skew (typical)
  • 3.5 ns maximum propagation delay
  • Integrated line termination resistor (100Ω typical)
  • Single 3.3V power supply design
  • Power down high impedance on LVDS inputs
  • LVDS inputs accept LVDS/CML/LVPECL signals
  • Pinout simplifies PCB layout
  • Low Power Dissipation (10mW typical@ 3.3V static)
  • SOT-23 5-lead package

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    Part number オーダー・オプション Function Protocols Number of Tx Number of Rx Signaling rate (Mbps) Input signal Output signal Package Group Operating temperature range (C) Rating
    DS90LT012AQ-Q1 ご注文 Receiver     LVDS     0     1     400     LVDS
    CMOS     SOT-23 | 5     -40 to 125     Automotive    
    DS90LV011AQ-Q1 ご注文 Driver     LVDS     1     0     400     LVTTL
    LVDS     SOT-23 | 5     -40 to 125     Automotive