LM4041D12 1.2 V 高精度マイクロパワー・シャント基準電圧、精度 1.0% | TIJ.co.jp

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1.2 V 高精度マイクロパワー・シャント基準電圧、精度 1.0%

1.2 V 高精度マイクロパワー・シャント基準電圧、精度 1.0% - LM4041D12


The LM4041 series of shunt voltage references are versatile, easy-to-use references suitable for a wide array of applications. They require no external capacitors for operation and are stable with all capacitive loads. Additionally, the reference offers low dynamic impedance, low noise, and a low temperature coefficient to ensure a stable output voltage over a wide range of operating currents and temperatures. The LM4041 uses fuse and Zener-zap reverse breakdown voltage trim during wafer sort to offer four output voltage tolerances, ranging from 0.1% (max) for the A grade to 1% (max) for the D grade. Thus, a great deal of flexibility is offered to designers in choosing the best cost-to-performance ratio for their applications. The LM4041 is available in a fixed (1.225 V nominal) or an adjustable version (which requires an external resistor divider to set the output to a value between 1.225 V and 10 V).

Packaged in space-saving SC-70 and SOT-23-3 and requiring a minimum current of 45 µA (typ), the LM4041 also is ideal for portable applications. The TO-92 package also is available for through-hole packaging needs. The LM4041xI is characterized for operation over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The LM4041xQ is characterized for operation over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.


  • 1.225-V Fixed and Adjustable Outputs (1.225 V to 10 V)
  • Tight Output Tolerances and Low Temperature Coefficient
    • Max 0.1%, 100 ppm/°C — A Grade
    • Max 0.2%, 100 ppm/°C — B Grade
    • Max 0.5%, 100 ppm/°C — C Grade
    • Max 1.0%, 150 ppm/°C — D Grade
  • Low Output Noise . . . 20 µVRMS (Typ)
  • Wide Operating Current Range . . . 45 µA (Typ) to 12 mA
  • Stable With All Capacitive Loads; No Output Capacitor Required
  • Available in
    • Industrial Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    • Extended Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Applications
    • Data-Acquisition Systems
    • Power Supplies and Power-Supply Monitors
    • Instrumentation and Test Equipment
    • Process Control
    • Precision Audio
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Energy Management/Metering
    • Battery-Powered Equipment


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Part number オーダー・オプション Reference voltage VO (V) VO adj (Min) (V) VO adj (Max) (V) Initial accuracy (Max) (%) Temp coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Iz for regulation (Min) (uA) Iout/Iz (Max) (mA) Package Group
LM4041D12 ご注文 Fixed     1.225     1.225     1.225     1     150     Catalog     -40 to 85
-40 to 125    
45     25     SC70 | 5
SOT-23 | 3
TO-92 | 3