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LM4819 (供給中) 350mW Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode

350mW Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode - LM4819


The LM4819 is a mono bridged power amplifier that is capable of delivering 350mWRMS output power into a 16Ω load or 300mWRMS output power into an 8Ω load with 10% THD+N from a 5V power supply.

The LM4819 Boomer audio power amplifier is designed specifically to provide high quality output power and minimize PCB area with surface mount packaging and a minimal amount of external components. Since the LM4819 does not require output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors or snubber networks, it is optimally suited for low-power portable applications.

The closed loop response of the unity-gain stable LM4819 can be configured using external gain-setting resistors. The device is available in WSON, VSSOP, and SOIC package types to suit various applications.


  • WSON, SOIC, and VSSOP Surface Mount Packaging
  • Switch On/Off Click Suppression
  • Unity-Gain Stable
  • Minimum External Components

Key Specifications

  • THD+N at 1kHz, 350mW Continuous Average Output Power into 16Ω: 10% (max)
  • THD+N at 1kHz, 300mW Continuous Average Output Power into 8Ω: 10% (max)
  • Shutdown Current: 0.7μA (typ)

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Part number オーダー・オプション Audio input type Architecture Speaker channels (Max) Power stage supply (Min) (V) Power stage supply (Max) (V) Output power (W) Load (Min) (ohms) SNR (dB) THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) Iq (Typ) (mA) Control interface Closed/open loop Analog supply (Min) (V) Analog supply (Max) (V) Operating temperature range (C) Rating
LM4819 ご注文 Analog Input     Class-AB     Mono     2     5.5     0.35     8     102     1     1.5     Hardware     Closed     2     5.5     -40 to 85     Catalog