PTD08D210W デュアル 10A、4.75V ~ 14V、非絶縁型、デジタル PowerTrain モジュール |

PTD08D210W (供給中) デュアル 10A、4.75V ~ 14V、非絶縁型、デジタル PowerTrain モジュール



The PTD08D210W is a high-performance dual 10-A output, non-isolated digital PowerTrain™ module. This module is the power conversion section of a digital power system which incorporates TI's UCD7242 MOSFET/driver IC. The PTD08D210W must be used in conjunction with a digital power controller such as the UCD9240, UCD9220 or UCD9110 family. The PTD08D210W receives control signals from the digital controller and provides parametric and status information back to the digital controller. Together, PowerTrain modules and a digital power controller form a sophisticated, robust, and easily configured power management solution.

Operating from an input voltage range of 4.75 V to 14 V, the PTD08D210W provides step-down power conversion to a wide range of output voltages from, 0.7 V to 3.6 V. The wide input voltage range makes the PTD08D210W particularly suitable for advanced computing and server applications that utilize a loosely regulated 8-V, 9.6-V or 12-V intermediate distribution bus. Additionally, the wide input voltage range increases design flexibility by supporting operation with tightly regulated 5-V or 12-V intermediate bus architectures.

The module incorporates output over-current and temperature monitoring which protects against most load faults. Output current and module temperature signals are provided for the digital controller to permit user defined over-current and over-temperature warning and fault scerarios.

The module uses single-sided, pin-less surface mount construction to provide a low profile and compact footprint. The package is lead (Pb) - free and RoHS


  • Dual 10-A Outputs
  • 4.75-V to 14-V Input Voltage
  • Programmable Wide-Output Voltage (0.7 V to 3.6 V)
  • Efficiencies up to 96%
  • Digital I/O
    • PWM signal
    • Fault Flag (FF)
    • Sychronous Rectifier Enable (SRE)
  • Analog I/O
    • Temperature
    • Output currrent
  • Safety Agency Approvals: (Pending)
    • UL/IEC/CSA-C22.2 60950-1
  • Operating Temperature: –40°C to 85°C
    • Digital Power Systems using UCD9XXX Digital Controllers

POWERTRAIN is a trademark of Texas Instruments.


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PTD08D210W ご注文 -40 to 85     Catalog    
PTD08A006W サンプルは利用できません。 -40 to 85     Catalog    
PTD08A010W サンプルは利用できません。 -40 to 85     Catalog    
PTD08A015W サンプルは利用できません。 -40 to 85     Catalog    
PTD08A020W サンプルは利用できません。 -40 to 85     Catalog    
PTD08A210W サンプルは利用できません。 -40 to 85     Catalog