REF5030 低雑音、微小ドリフト、高精度基準電圧 |

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The REF50xx is a family of low-noise, low-drift, very high precision voltage references. These references are capable of both sinking and sourcing current, and have excellent line and load regulation.

Excellent temperature drift (3 ppm/°C) and high accuracy (0.05%) are achieved using proprietary design techniques. These features, combined with very low noise, make the REF50xx family ideal for use in high-precision data acquisition systems.

Each reference voltage is available in both high grade (REF50xxIDGK and REF50xxID) and standard grade (REF50xxAIDGK and REF50xxAID). The reference voltages are offered in 8-pin VSSOP and SOIC packages, and are specified from –40°C to 125°C.


  • Low Temperature Drift:
    • High-Grade: 3 ppm/°C (Max)
    • Standard-Grade: 8 ppm/°C (Max)
  • High Accuracy:
    • High-Grade: 0.05% (Max)
    • Standard-Grade: 0.1% (Max)
  • Low Noise: 3 µVPP/V
  • Excellent Long-Term Stability:
    • 45 ppm/1000 hr (Typ) after 1000 Hours
  • High-Output Current: ±10 mA
  • Temperature Range: –40°C to 125°C


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Part number オーダー・オプション VO (V) Initial accuracy (Max) (%) Temp coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Iout/Iz (Max) (mA) Iq (Typ) (uA) Iq (Max) (uA) Features Package Group Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V)
REF5030 ご注文 3     0.05     3     Catalog     -40 to 125     10     800     1000     TRIM/NR pin     SOIC | 8
VSSOP | 8    
3.2     18