TLC3702 デュアル、マイクロパワー、プッシュプル出力、Lin CMOS™ 電圧コンパレータ |

TLC3702 (供給中)

デュアル、マイクロパワー、プッシュプル出力、Lin CMOS™ 電圧コンパレータ

デュアル、マイクロパワー、プッシュプル出力、Lin CMOS™ 電圧コンパレータ - TLC3702


The TLC3702 consists of two independent micropower voltage comparators designed to operate from a single supply and be compatible with modern HCMOS logic systems. They are functionally similar to the LM339 but use one-twentieth of the power for similar response times. The push-pull CMOS output stage drives capacitive loads directly without a power-consuming pullup resistor to achieve the stated response time. Eliminating the pullup resistor not only reduces power dissipation, but also saves board space and component cost. The output stage is also fully compatible with TTL requirements.

Texas Instruments LinCMOS™ process offers superior analog performance to standard CMOS processes. Along with the standard CMOS advantages of low power without sacrificing speed, high input impedance, and low bias currents, the LinCMOS™ process offers extremely stable input offset voltages with large differential input voltages. This characteristic makes it possible to build reliable CMOS comparators.

The TLC3702C is characterized for operation over the commercial temperature range of 0°C to 70°C. The TLC3702I is characterized for operation over the extended industrial temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. The TLC3702M is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of –55°C to 125°C.


機能一覧 他の製品と比較 コンパレータ

Number of Channels (#)
Output Type
Vs (Min) (V)
Vs (Max) (V)
Propagation Delay Time (uS)
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)
Iq per channel (Typ) (mA)
Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
VICR (Max) (V)
VICR (Min) (V)
Package Group
TLC3702 TLC3702-EP TLC3702-Q1 TLC3704 TLC3704-Q1
2     2     2     4     4    
Push-Pull     Push-Pull     Push-Pull     Push-Pull     Push-Pull    
3     4     3     3     3    
16     16     16     16     16    
1.1     1.1     1.1     1.1     1.1    
5     5     5     5     5    
0.009     0.009     0.009     0.009     0.009    
0.03     0.03     0.03     0.03     0.03    
No     No     No     No     No    
Catalog     HiRel Enhanced Product     Automotive     Catalog     Automotive    
-40 to 85
-55 to 125
0 to 70    
-55 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 85
-55 to 125
0 to 70    
-40 to 125    
N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A    
15     15     15     15     15    
0     0     0     0     0    

その他の認定バージョン TLC3702

バージョン 型番 定義
Military TLC3702M QML certified for Military and Defense Applications
Enhanced Product TLC3702-EP Supports Defense, Aerospace and Medical Applications
オートモーティブ TLC3702-Q1 欠陥ゼロを目標とする高信頼性オートモーティブ・アプリケーションに対する認定を受けた Q100 デバイス