TPD12S016 バリュー・ライン HDMI コンパニオン・チップ、ポータブル・アプリケーション用 |

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バリュー・ライン HDMI コンパニオン・チップ、ポータブル・アプリケーション用



The TPD12S016 is a single-chip High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) device with auto-direction sensing I2C voltage level shift buffers, a load switch, and integrated low capacitance high-speed electrostatic discharge (ESD) transient voltage suppression (TVS) protection diodes. A 55-mA current limited 5-V output (5V_OUT) sources the HDMI power line. The control of 5V_OUT and the hot plug detect (HPD) circuitry is independent of the LS_OE control signal, and is controlled by the CT_HPD pin, which enables the detection scheme (5V_OUT and HPD) to be active before enabling the HDMI link. The SDA, SCL, and CEC lines pull up to VCCA on the A side. On the B side, the CEC_B pin pulls up to an internal 3.3-V supply rail, SCL_B and SDA_B each pull up to the 5-V rail (5V_OUT). The SCL and SDA pins meet the I2C specification and drive up to 750 pF capacitive loads, exceeding the HDMI 1.4 specifications. The HPD_B port has a glitch filter to avoid false detection due to plug bouncing during the HDMI connector insertion. TPD12S016 offers reverse current blocking at the 5V_OUT pin. SCL_B, SDA_B, CEC_B pins also feature reverse-current blocking when the system is powered off.


  • Conforms to HDMI Compliance Tests without any External Components
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection
    • ±8-kV Contact Discharge
  • Supports HDMI 1.4 Data Rate
  • Matches Class D and Class C Pin Mapping
  • 8-Channel ESD Protection for Four Differential Pairs With Ultra-Low Differential Capacitance Matching (0.05 pF)
  • On-Chip Load Switch With 55-mA Current Limit at the HDMI 5V_OUT Pin
  • Auto-direction Sensing I2C Level Shifter with One-shot Circuit to Drive a Long HDMI Cable (750-pF Load)
  • Back-drive Protection on HDMI Connector Side Ports
  • Integrated Pullup and Pulldown Resistors per HDMI Specification
  • Space Saving 24-Pin RKT Package and 24-TSSOP Package


他の製品と比較 HDMI, DisplayPort & MIPI メール Excelへダウンロード
Part number オーダー・オプション Protocols Supply voltage (V) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Operating temperature range (C)
TPD12S016 ご注文 HDMI     3.3
TSSOP | 24
UQFN | 24    
24TSSOP: 34 mm2: 4.4 x 7.8 (TSSOP | 24)
24UQFN: 8 mm2: 2 x 4 (UQFN | 24)    
-40 to 85    
TPD12S015 ご注文 HDMI       DSBGA | 28     See datasheet (DSBGA)     -40 to 85    
TPD12S015A ご注文 HDMI       DSBGA | 28     See datasheet (DSBGA)     -40 to 85    
TPD12S520 ご注文 HDMI     5
TSSOP | 38
WQFN | 24    
38TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7 (TSSOP | 38)
24WQFN: 7 mm2: 1.5 x 4.5 (WQFN | 24)    
-40 to 85    
TPD12S521 ご注文 HDMI       TSSOP | 38     38TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7 (TSSOP | 38)     -40 to 85    
TPD13S523 ご注文 HDMI       TSSOP | 16
UQFN | 16    
16TSSOP: 22 mm2: 4.4 x 5 (TSSOP | 16)
16UQFN: 5 mm2: 1.8 x 2.6 (UQFN | 16)    
-40 to 85    
TPD5S115 ご注文 HDMI       DSBGA | 16     See datasheet (DSBGA)     -40 to 85    
TPD5S116 ご注文     DSBGA | 15     See datasheet (DSBGA)     -40 to 85