TPS2012 2.0A、2.7~5.5V シングル・ハイサイド MOSFET スイッチ IC、ロー・イネーブル |

2.0A、2.7~5.5V シングル・ハイサイド MOSFET スイッチ IC、ロー・イネーブル

2.0A、2.7~5.5V シングル・ハイサイド MOSFET スイッチ IC、ロー・イネーブル - TPS2012


代替製品 TPS2012A – このデバイスは、比較対象のデバイスと機能とピン配置が同一ですが、完全に同等ではありません。

TI では、この製品を新規設計に使用することはお勧めしません。これまでにご購入されたお客様をサポートする目的のためにこの製品を提供しています。


The TPS201x family of power-distribution switches is intended for applications where heavy capacitive loads and short circuits are likely to be encountered. The high-side switch is a 95-m N-channel MOSFET. Gate drive is provided by an internal driver and charge pump designed to control the power switch rise times and fall times to minimize current surges during switching. The charge pump operates at 100 kHz, requires no external components, and allows operation from supplies as low as 2.7 V. When the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short circuit is present, the TPS201x limits the output current to a safe level by switching into a constant-current mode. Continuous heavy overloads and short circuits increase power dissipation in the switch and cause the junction temperature to rise. If the junction temperature reaches approximately 180°C, a thermal protection circuit shuts the switch off to prevent damage. Recovery from thermal shutdown is automatic once the device has cooled sufficiently.

The members of the TPS201x family differ only in short-circuit current threshold. The TPS2010 is designed to limit at 0.4-A load; the other members of the family limit at 1.2 A, 2 A, and 2.6 A (see the available options table). The TPS201x family is available in 8-pin small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) and 14-pin thin shink small-outline (TSSOP) packages and operates over a junction temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Versions in the 8-pin SOIC package are drop-in replacements for Siliconix's LittlefootTM power PMOS switches, except that GND must be connected.

The D package is available taped and reeled. Add an R suffix to device type (e.g., TPS2010DR).

The PW package is only available left-end taped and reeled (indicated by the LE suffix on the device type; e.g., TPS2010PWLE).


  • 95-m Max (5.5-V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch With Logic Compatible Enable Input
  • Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
  • Typical Short-Circuit Current Limits:
    0.4 A, TPS2010; 1.2 A, TPS2011;
    2 A, TPS2012; 2.6 A, TPS2013
  • Electrostatic-Discharge Protection, 12-kV Output, 6-kV All Other Terminals
  • Controlled Rise and Fall Times to Limit Current Surges and Minimize EMI
  • SOIC-8 Package Pin Compatible With the Popular LittlefootTM Series When GND Is Connected
  • 2.7-V to 5.5-V Operating Range
  • 10-uA Maximum Standby Current
  • Surface-Mount SOIC-8 and TSSOP-14 Packages
  • -40°C to 125°C Operating Junction Temperature Range