TPS65988DJ PC と Thunderbolt システム向け、パワー・スイッチ内蔵、デュアル・ポート USB Type-C™ と PD コントローラ |

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PC と Thunderbolt システム向け、パワー・スイッチ内蔵、デュアル・ポート USB Type-C™ と PD コントローラ


More Information

If you are designing a PC host or Thunder bolt system, please request access to documentation here.


The TPS65988DJ is a stand-alone USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller providing cable plug and orientation detection for two USB Type-C connectors. Upon cable detection, the TPS65988DJ communicates on the CC wire using the USB PD protocol. When cable detection and USB PD negotiation are complete, the TPS65988DJ enables the appropriate power path and configures alternate mode settings for external multiplexers.


  • USB Power Delivery (PD) controller
    • USB PD 3.0 compliant (TID: 1099)
    • Fast role swap support
    • Physical layer and policy engine
    • Configurable at boot and host-controlled
  • USB Type-C specification compliant
    • Cable attach and orientation detection
    • Default, 1.5-A, or 3-A power advertisement
    • Up to 600-mA VConn current
  • Port power switch
    • Two 5 V to 20 V, 5-A bidirectional switches to or from VBUS
    • Up to 10-A Adjustable current limiting
    • Ideal diode reverse current protection
    • Undervoltage, and overvoltage protection
    • Slew rate control
    • 5-V, 600-mA VConn source
  • BC1.2 Support
    • Advertisement as DCP and CDP
    • Automatic DCP modes selection:
      • Shorted mode per BC1.2 and YD/T 1591-2009
      • 2.7-V Divider 3 mode
      • 1.2-V Mode
    • Data contact detect
    • Primary and secondary detection
  • I2C Master write control for alt mode muxes and variable DCDCs
  • Alternate mode support
    • Displayport
    • Thunderbolt™
  • Power management
    • Power supply from 3.3 V or VBUS source
    • 3.3-V LDO Output for dead battery support
  • 7-mm × 7-mm QFN package
    • 0.4-mm Pitch
    • 56 Pin

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他の製品と比較 USB Type-C と USB power delivery(PD) メール Excelへダウンロード
Part number オーダー・オプション Device type Function Alternate mode Power role Data role Internal power path External power path control Iq (Typ) (uA) Dead battery support USB speed (Mbps) Operating temperature range (C) Rating
TPS65988DJ ご注文 PD controller     Type-C     Yes     DRP
20V 5A Source/Sink for Port1
20V 5A Source/Sink for Port2
5V 600mA VCONN for Port1
5V 600mA VCONN for Port2    
45     Yes         -10 to 75     Catalog