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デジタル電源対応、同期整流方式バック・ドライバ - UCD7230A


The UCD7230A is one in the UCD7k family of digital control compatible drivers for applications utilizing digital control techniques or applications requiring fast local peak current limit protection.

The UCD7230A is a MOSFET gate driver specifically designed for synchronous buck applications. It is ideally suited to provide the bridge between digital controllers such as the UCD91xx or the UCD92xx and the power stage. With cycle-by-cycle current limit protection, the UCD7230A device protects the power stage from faulty input signals or excessive load currents.

The UCD7230A includes high-side and low-side gate drivers which utilize Texas Instrument’s TrueDrive output architecture. This architecture delivers rated current into the gate capacitance of a MOSFET during the Miller plateau region of the switching. Furthermore, the UCD7230A offers a low offset differential amplifier with a fixed gain of 48. This amplifier greatly simplifies the task of conditioning small current sense signals inherent in high efficiency buck converters.

The UCD7230A includes a 3.3-V, 10-mA linear regulator to provide power to digital controllers such as the UCD91xx. The UCD7230A is compatible with standard 3.3-V I/O ports of the UCD91xx, the TMS320™ family DSPs, microprocessors, or ASICs.

The UCD7230A is offered in the space-saving QFN package. Package pin out has been carefully designed for optimal board layout


  • Input from Digital Controller Sets Operating Frequency and Duty Cycle
  • Up to 2-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Dual Current Limit Protection with Independently Adjustable Thresholds
  • Fast Current Sense Circuit with Adjustable Blanking Interval Prevents Catastrophic Current Levels
  • Digital Output Current Limit Flag
  • Low Offset, Gain of 48, Differential Current Sense Amplifier
  • 3.3-V, 10-mA Internal Regulator
  • Dual TrueDrive™ High-Current Drivers
  • 10-ns Typical Rise/Fall Times with 2.2-nF Loads
  • 4.5-V to 15.5-V Supply Voltage Range
    • Digitally-Controlled Synchronous-Buck Power Stages for Single and Multi-Phase Applications
    • Especially Suited for Use with UCD91xx or UCD92xx Contollers
    • High-Current Multi-Phase VRM/EVRD Regulators for Desktop, Server, Telecom and Notebook Processors
    • Digitally-Controlled Synchronous-Buck Power Supplies Using µCs or the TMS320 DSP Family

TrueDrive is a trademark of Texas Instruments.


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Part number オーダー・オプション Number of outputs VCC (Min) (V) VCC (Max) (V) Peak output current (A) Input threshold Prop delay (ns) Driver configuration Operating temperature range (C) Rating
UCD7230A ご注文 1     4.5     15     4     CMOS
30     Dual     -40 to 105     Catalog    
UCD7230 サンプルは利用できません。 1     4.5     15     4     CMOS
30     Dual     -40 to 105     Catalog    
UCD7231 サンプルは利用できません。 1     4.7     15     6     CMOS
50     Dual     -40 to 125     Catalog    
UCD7232 ご注文 1     4.7     15     6     CMOS
50     Dual     -40 to 125     Catalog