XTR105-DIE 4 ~ 20mA 電流トランスミッタ、センサ励起 / 線形化機能付 | TIJ.co.jp

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4 ~ 20mA 電流トランスミッタ、センサ励起 / 線形化機能付



The XTR105 is a monolithic 4-20mA, 2-wire current transmitter with two precision current sources. It provides complete current excitation for platinum RTD temperature sensors and bridges, instrumentation amplifiers, and current output circuitry on a single integrated circuit.

Versatile linearization circuitry provides a 2nd-order correction to the RTD, typically achieving a 40:1 improvement in linearity.

Instrumentation amplifier gain can be configured for a wide range of temperature or pressure measurements. Total unadjusted error of the complete current transmitter is low enough to permit use without adjustment in many applications. This includes zero output current drift, span drift, and nonlinearity. The XTR105 operates on loop power-supply voltages.


  • Low Unadjusted Error
  • Two Precision Current Sources
  • Linearization
  • 2- or 3-Wire RTD Operation
  • Low Offset Drift
  • Low Output Current Noise
  • High PSR
  • High CMR
  • Wide Supply Range