MSP430BQ1010 - あらかじめプログラムされた、固定機能デバイス、ワイヤレス電源制御および通信用 - MSP430BQ1010

MSP430BQ1010 (供給中)

MSP430BQ1010 - あらかじめプログラムされた、固定機能デバイス、ワイヤレス電源制御および通信用



MSP430BQ1010 is an advanced fixed-function device that forms the control and communications unit on the receiver side for wireless power transfer in portable applications. MSP430BQ1010 complies with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specification. Together with a WPC-compliant transmitter-side controller, a complete wireless power system is enabled.

In a wireless power solution, power is transferred from the transmitter coil in the charging pad to the receiver coil embedded in the portable device, based on near-field magnetic induction. Feedback information from the receiver is transmitted back to the transmitter via changes in the reflected impedance of the receiver device.

The receiver side on the mobile/portable device consists of a rectification circuit, a voltage-conditioning unit, and a control and communications unit. The MSP430BQ1010 device is the control and communications unit that comprises the digital logic part of the receiver. This unit executes the relevant power-control algorithms and protocols, monitors various voltage and current levels, and provides feedback to the transmitter via the communications modulator. MSP430BQ1010 devices are specifically configured and preprogrammed to be fully compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium standards. The Wireless Power Consortium has developed a standard for wireless charging technology to ensure interoperability between various primary and receiver devices.

Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

The consortium is a cooperation of companies, including Texas Instruments, that wants to ensure that the products created are completely interoperable. MSP430BQ1010, as part of the wireless charging receiver solution, complies with the WPC standard.


  • Enables Wireless Power Solution
  • Communication and Voltage/Current Monitoring
  • WPC-Compliant Communication Protocol
  • Unique Device ID
  • Supports TI’s BQ25046
  • Optional Battery Power Transfer Termination
  • Fixed-Function Device – No Software Development Required
  • 5-mm × 5-mm × 0.75-mm 32-Pin RTV (QFN) Package
    • Low-Power (<5 W) Portable Devices Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries Including:
      • Cell Phones, Smart Phones
      • Headsets
      • PDAs
      • Portable Media Players
      • Other Hand-Held Devices