AC ドライブ出力段モジュール

AC インバータ・ドライブ・システム用ブロック図(SBD)。マイコン、ゲート・ドライバ、絶縁、産業用インターフェイスおよびパワー・マネージメント機能を搭載。


Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create an efficient, fully protected power stage module for AC drives. TI analog and embedded processing products enable improved motor control performance and exceed isolation and EMC requirements per IEC standards.

AC drive power stage modules often require:

  • Non-isolated and isolated gate drivers with high CMTI and built-in protection.
  • Precise current and voltage sense for torque control in sensor less operation.
  • Robust overcurrent protection against short circuit and shoot through events.
  • Efficient non-isolated and isolated power supplies with tight regulation.



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