CNC 駆動

CNC 駆動


The servo drive main power supply converts the high-voltage AC input (110VAC to 690VAC) or DC-link voltage into either a single isolated 24VDC intermediate output or multiple isolated outputs which power the servo drive system. High efficiency, excellent load regulation, output voltage ripple, form factor and protection against over-current and over-voltage are important design criteria. The servo drive main power supply additionally needs to meet the clearance, creepage, and isolation voltage requirements as per IEC 61800-5 as well as EMC immunity per IEC61800-3. TI's reference designs and solutions help solve these challenges and accelerate development.

  • High efficiency power supply solutions for various topologies such as quasi-resonant fly-back and fly-buck
  • Power supply solutions with low EMI (conducted and radiated emissions)
  • Power solutions designed to comply to IEC 61800-5 isolation requirements


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