CNC 駆動

CNC 駆動


TI solutions and subsystem reference designs help solve architecture and design challenges with CNC drives such as sub-system partitioning, selection of the optimum subsystem topology, all while optimizing the servo drive’s performance, efficiency, reliability and compliance to EMC/EMI standards.

TI’s embedded processing and analog solutions help realize a scalable and future-proof platform approach from compact drive to high performance multi-axis drives allowing highest performance motion control loops, flexible multi-standard encoder feedback and industrial communication protocols. TI’s wireless solutions for Bluetooth®, BLE and WLAN help realize a flexible service and maintenance interface to the servo drive--accessible locally or through the web.

Subsystem examples demonstrated:

  • Efficiency and cost optimized isolated and non-isolated power supply and power management solutions
  • IEC-EMC compliant isolated IGBT gate driver solutions with advanced protection features for increased reliability
  • Multiple isolated IGBT gate driver power supply topology solutions
  • Highly accurate current and voltage sensing with basic or functional isolation
  • IEC EMC compliant multi-standard position feedback interfaces like EnDat 2.2, BiSS and HIPERFACE DSL
  • Analog Sin/Cos encoder and resolver
  • EMC and EMI compliant industrial communication interfaces with support for multi-protocol fieldbus and multi-protocol real-time Ethernet, like EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Sercos III and PowerLink


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