DLP Mobile Smart TV

DLP® Pico(TM) 技術を使用したモバイル・スマート TV システム設計ソリューション


Mobile smart TV products combine three exciting technologies: wireless connectivity, streaming video/audio content, and pico projection. Together, they can create a compact, portable, big screen smart TV experience. Mobile smart TV products provide an on-the-go display, the ability to stream your favorite internet content anywhere, and a portable cinema experience. The broad applications of the mobile smart TV range from an inconspicuous, portable, in-home smart TV solution to the device you use to stream a movie onto the side of a tent while camping.

Texas Instruments DLP® Pico™ technology powers the displays of a wide range of applications, including mobile smart TV products. DLP Pico technology enables a quality, portable viewing experience thanks to its high optical efficiency, small size, high resolution, high contrast, and DLP® IntelliBright™ algorithms. The DLP Pico chipset's unique ability to combine high resolution and high brightness at low power in a compact size make it an excellent fit for mobile smart TV products.



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名称 型番 会社名 ソフトウェア/ツール・タイプ
DLP® LightCrafter ディスプレイ 2010 EVM DLPDLCR2010EVM Texas Instruments 評価モジュールと評価ボード
DLP® LightCrafter ディスプレイ 3010 EVM DLPDLCR3010EVM Texas Instruments 評価モジュールと評価ボード
DLPC6401 ベース DLP® ディスプレイ EVM DLPC6401DISPLAYEVM Texas Instruments 評価モジュールと評価ボード
コンパクト・フル HD 1080p(最高 16 アンペア)投射型ディスプレイ、ピコ・テクノロジ評価モジュールを使用 DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 Texas Instruments 評価モジュールと評価ボード


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