EV インフラストラクチャ - レベル 3 EVSE

EV インフラストラクチャ - レベル 3 EVSE


The Level 3 EVSE’s internal power modules directly charge an electric vehicle at high power levels, 200-600 VDC and up to 200 A. These power modules consist of an AC/DC power supply, such as this power factor regulator converter reference design, and an interleaved DC/DC converter, which bypass the vehicle power modules. The interleaved DC/DC converter such as phase shifted full-bridge DC/DC controls the output voltage and current delivered based on the vehicle power requests. The charging station and the vehicle need to be in constant communication regarding these power requests and the battery’s state of charge. This real-time communication is enabled by CAN, Ethernet or PLC depending on the particular standard. The Level 3 electric vehicle charging station also contains a human machine interface (HMI) system. This system’s primary purposes are to:


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