HVAC センサ・トランスミッタ(4~20mA)

HVAC センサ・トランスミッタ(4~20mA)


HVAC sensor transmitters monitor and send temperature, pressure, humidity, air velocity, gas, and other sensor inputs to a system controller. Based on the measured variables, the system controller will send an output signal to valves, actuators, and motor drives based on the desired set points of the overall system.

  • TI Designs demonstrate industry standard 4-20 mA current loop transmitters compliant with regulatory IEC61000-4 standards to help reduce design time for developing sensor transmitter systems
  • TI also has extremely low power analog front end reference designs for RTD, thermocouple, and bridge sensor inputs for the power constraint 4-20 mA current loop
  • TI’s broad portfolio of amplifiers, ADC’s, DAC’s, DC-DC converters, and linear regulators help improve performance in HVAC sensor transmitter designs


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