HVAC バルブおよびアクチュエータ制御

HVAC バルブおよびアクチュエータ制御


TI products and sub-system reference designs for HVAC valves and actuators addresses challenges of reducing power consumption for peak and hold time or according to fixed time settings and robust protection for fault, under voltage, or over temperature alarms. Multiple reference designs span various solenoid drivers, 4-20 mA current loop outputs, and control algorithms to help customers decide the right solution for their target end application.

TI Designs highlight ways to achieve significantly reduced power consumption. One method uses PWM current control to optimize current consumption in a current controlled driver. TI Designs also demonstrate ways to retrofit existing wired communication protocols to wireless protocols via Wi-Fi bridge. Other benefits demonstrated by TI Designs include enhanced monitoring, accelerated process time, and simplified usage.


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