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A building automation gateway is used to provide a network bridge from one protocol to another. These protocols include wired to wired, wired to wireless, wireless to wireless. Gateways are becoming vital to building automation systems including HVAC, fire safety and building security. Utilizing an IoT Gateway allows data from multiple wireless sensor nodes to be communicated to a central monitoring system. The central monitoring system can then make decisions regulating the various building automation systems. Intelligent building automation decisions help minimize building operation costs and maximize green energy processes.

  • Wired to wired gateways change from one type of wired protocol to another wired protocol. TI offers a variety of interface products to meet various interface standards including RS-485, Ethernet, CAN, and more
  • Wired to wireless gateways create a network bridge between a wired communication protocol and a wireless protocol, such as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz communication standards
  • TI designs show many ways to modify existing wired hardware in order to achieve a data bridge to a wireless network


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