Power Bank ソリューション

ご使用のデバイス充電に使用するポータブル・バッテリ・パック。Li-ion バッテリは、高電流スイッチング充電器により充電されます。内蔵の Apple および Micro USB コネクタが、すべての普及ポータブル・デバイスの充電を可能にします。


With the increased mobile applications of Smartphone and tablets, long run time is critical to customer's daily work and experience. However, the battery pack in a mobile device can only run about one day with average use. Power Bank with high capacity battery is the solution to have long run time for smart phone and tablets with enough mobility.

Power Bank with 1SxP Battery Configurations:

The traditional power bank with 1SxP battery configuration use a two stage approach, which is a charger to charge the battery and a boost converter is to boost the battery to 5V USB output. bq24195 and bq24195L are the FIRST single-chip solution for the power bank applications with 4.5A/2.5A charging current and 2.1A/1.0A output in battery mode. bq24195 and bq24195L has significantly advantages over the traditional solutions:

  • The FIRST single-chip charger with synchronous boost operation on the market
  • 4.5A/2.5A charging current for fast charging with up to 93% efficiency
  • Highest synchronous boost efficiency: 94% at 1A and 90% at 2.1A. Pin-to-pin 1A and 2.1A solutions
  • USB D+/D- detection, support USB2.0/3.
  • 1.5MHz switching frequency to minimize the solution size
  • 12 mΩ BAT-SYS FET to extend battery run time, 3 times better than the best integrated BAT FET on the market

The bq24195L and bq24195 are pin-to-pin compatible for smart phone and tablet power bank

  • bq24195L: fully-integrated single-cell 2.5A charger with 1.0A synchronous boost operation
  • bq24195: fully-integrated single-cell 4.5A charger with 2.1A synchronous boost operation

The turkey solution is available through TI distributors. TI also has EVM available. The detail information can be found at (add link).