Command and Data Handling



As the world strives for better global connectivity, the market for satellite communications continues to increase. Rather than launch a few larger satellites, providers are finding they can cover a larger area much more effectively if several smaller, lower power satellites are launched into the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and other communication networks. Because of this, the need for small form factor, high efficiency power solutions for satellite processing payloads continues to rise.

To meet this need, TI has developed several point-of-load (POL) solutions for the space market. These highly integrated solutions reduce the overall board size required for even the highest power processing boards. With products that feature high accuracy and wide input voltage range, our latest Rad-hard POL converter and linear regulator (LDO) components drive optimal efficiency, size and power. Additionally, TI offers a DDR termination regulator in TPS7H3301-SP that will provide an integrated, high efficiency solution for powering memory storage banks.


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