Environmental FAQs

Find answers below to questions about material content, environmental compliance, lead-free products, and conflict mineral information.

What is TI’s environmental compliance position?

At TI, environmental compliance and product stewardship is a responsibility we take seriously. Our commitment goes beyond simply doing what is required by rule or regulation with respect to hazardous substances (what TI calls restricted chemicals and materials or RCMs).

Our objective is to conduct our business in such a way that protects and preserves the environment, health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the communities where we all live and operate.

For more information, please visit the environmental information page.

Where is information on TI’s lead-free products ?

Please see our lead-free information page.

What is TI’s policy on conflict minerals?

TI believes that the purchase of minerals from mines located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries is an important global concern, and we work diligently with our supply chain to ensure that TI products do not contain minerals derived from conflict sources. TI uses industry practices and guidelines and is actively involved in industry groups to source materials, collect information and improve overall industry practices. 

For more information, please visit TI’s conflict mineral page.

What is TI’s position on environmental responsibility?

TI has a strong history of environmental stewardship and works to continuously improve environmental performance and efficiency at its sites worldwide.

For further information, please view our environmental responsibility page.

Where is information on TI product or material content?

For device-specific materials content, please use our material content search tool, and search by part number for material content information including product, environmental ratings, and component information.

What is the recyclability of TI’s products?

TI addresses product end-of-life and disposal issues both as a components manufacturer and as a producer of consumer devices.

For further information, please visit our product end-of-life page.