DEV-ADC34J22 評価モジュール
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The DEV-ADC34J22 is a four-channel, 50MSPS ADC Module designed to integrate with Altera’s HSMC standard. The DEV-ADC34J22 features TI’s new JESD204B compliant ADC34J22 Analog Digital Converter (ADC), with clocking conditioning using TI’s LMK04828 jitter cleaner. It provides single-ended DC coupled inputs on two of the four channels through TI’s THS4541 850MHz BW fully differential amplifier.

The module offers six front panel SMA connectors: 1 EXT trigger, 1 EXT clock and 4 Analog Input Channels, and an on board 10MHz TCXO for stand -alone clock generation, with a 100MHz VCXO used in conjunction with the LMK04828B for reference clock jitter cleaning. The ADC34J22 and the LMK04828B are completely configurable via Altera’s Cyclone V SOC FPGA with embedded ARM Cortex A9 processors. The DEV-ADC34J22 supports a wide range of applications and offers two RF (AC coupled) channels and two Analog (DC coupled) channels.


Board Features

  • Texas Instruments ADC34J22 Analog to Digital Converter
  • 4 channel, 12bit, 50 MSPS, JESD204B compliant ADC module
  • Two RF AC coupled input channels
  • Two Analog DC coupled input channels
  • External clock input
  • External trigger input
  • On board TI LMK04828B Dual Loop
  • Clock Jitter Cleaner Reference oscillator - 10MHz. TCXO
  • 1st Loop VCO - 100MHz. VCXO
  • HSMC connector for interfacing with Altera FPGA development boards
  • Supports up to four JESD204B lanes
  • JESD204B Sub-class 0 & 1 compatible
  • SPI control interfaces for both the ADC34J22 and LMK04828B devices
  • Reference design available for Arrow’s SOCkit development board
  • VHDL design files including MTI’s JESD core instantiation
  • Module is configured at power-up by the SOC’s ARM processor

AC Coupled RF Front End Features

  • Transformer coupled single ended to differential conversion
  • Available on Channels 1 & 2
  • RF Front End Specifications: Input range +/- 1.0V (2V p-p)
  • 0.5 - 200 MHz input bandwidth

Two Analog DC Coupled Input Channels

  • Single Ended to Differential Amplifier with G=2 V/V Available on Channels 3 & 4
  • Analog Front End Specifications:
  • Input range +/- 0.5 V i.e. 1 Vp-p
  • DC - 15 MHz input bandwidth

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DEV-ADC34J22 4 チャネル、50MSPS ADC 評価モジュール


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TI デバイス (4)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
ADC34J22  4 チャンネル、12 ビット、50 - 160Msps AD コンバータ  A/D コンバータ (ADCs) 
LMK04828  超低ジッタ・シンセサイザおよびジッタ・クリーナ  クロック・ジッタ・クリーナ 
THS4541  高速 差動 I/O アンプ  スペシャル・ファンクション・アンプ 
THS4541-Q1  オートモーティブ、高速差動 I/O アンプ  スペシャル・ファンクション・アンプ 


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