LMH730316 評価ボード、高速シングル・オペ・アンプ用、5/6 ピン SOT-23 パッケージ
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National Semiconductor offers this unpopulated Evaluation Board to aid in the evaluation and testing of high-speed Op Amp that are offered in the 5-/6-Pin SOT-23 package. This 4 layer board is designed to improve speed and reduce harmonic distortion by careful placement and routing of components and traces.

Resistors, capacitors, or any other surface-mount components can be easily mounted on this board in the desired circuit configuration. The performance can then be evaluated under the test conditions of your choice. Power supplies, analog signal source, and other measurement equipment shall be provided by the user.

  • Maximizes attainable speed and minimizes distortion products
  • Accommodates various high-speed Op Amp
  • Allows quick and easy evaluation
  • Serves as reference design to aid in high-speed PCB layout
  • Utilizes surface-mount components

NOTE: IC samples are not shipped with the Evaluation PCB, but may be requested separately from the Order page in the Product Folder

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LMH730316 Evaluation Board for High-Speed Single Op Amp in the 5-/6-Pin SOT-23 Package




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型番 名前 製品ファミリ
LMH6559  High-Speed, Closed-Loop Buffer  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6609  900MHz Voltage Feedback Op Amp  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6609-MIL  900MHz 電圧帰還オペアンプ  アナログ/ミックスド・シグナル 
LMH6624  Single/ Dual Ultra Low Noise Wideband Operational Amplifier  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6624-MIL  シングル / デュアル超低ノイズ広帯域オペアンプ  アナログ/ミックスド・シグナル 
LMH6629  Ultra-Low Noise, High-Speed Operational Amplifier with Shutdown  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6654  Single/Dual Low Power, 250 MHz, Low Noise Amplifiers  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6702  1.7 GHz, Ultra Low Distortion, Wideband Op Amp  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6702-MIL  1.7GHz 超低歪み広帯域オペアンプ  アナログ/ミックスド・シグナル 
LMH6703  1.2 GHz, Low Distortion Op Amp with Shutdown  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6704  650 MHz Selectable Gain Buffer with Disable  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6714  Single Wideband Video Op Amp  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6720  Single Wideband Video Op Amp with Shutdown  オペアンプ (op amps) 
LMH6723  Single/Quad 370 MHz 1 mA Current Feedback Op Amp  オペアンプ (op amps) 


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