Mistral Solutions AM437x PoM and Application Boards
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The Mistral Solutions AM437x PoM is a low-cost, small form factor, high performance, easy-to-use Product on Module (PoM) built around the TI Sitara AM437x processor. With extensive integration such as quad core PRU-ICSS, 3D acceleration core, dual camera, QSPI-NOR, up to 512KB on-chip memory, dual ADC and an easily extendable architecture, the AM437x PoM is the perfect solution for quick product deployment while leveraging the benefits of the AM437x processor. The AM437x PoM can help build applications like point of sale, home automation, industrial HMI, process control, barcode scanners, portable data terminals, medical electronics and digital signage among others. The AM437x PoM is an ideal product development platform that supports high performance interfaces such as 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x 8/10-Bit parallel camera, 24-bit RGB display and 32-bit DDR3L. The low power module uses +5V DC or can also be USB powered.

The AM437x application board is a four-layer add-on module for the AM437x PoM. The AM437x application board interfaces with the PoM through its expansion connectors and provides 7” LCD with capacitive touch screen along with keypad and sensors like ambient light (ALS), temperature and accelerometer. The application board supports industrial interfaces such as RS485, CAN/Profibus, EtherCAT, dual motor control, Endat/eQEP encoders and ADC for motor current sensing. It also supports ZigBee communication using TI’s CC2530 ZigBee module interfaced externally via its expansion connectors.  

For customers looking at easily connecting their industrial solution to the cloud, Mistral also offers the Industrial IoT Kit, integrating the Amazon Web Services IoT SDK (AWS IoT SDK) on TI’s Sitara™ AM437x processors. It enables developers to use the AWS IoT SDK functionality from connected devices for mobile and web applications. The Amazon Web Services IoT SDK enables developers to rapidly build secure, enterprise-grade intelligent systems for IoT with features like: device authorization & authentication, sensor data collection, local storage of sensor data, saving aggregated sensor data in the AWS cloud server through MQTT protocol and Receive MQTT requests and taking actions.

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AM437x PoM

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AM437x アプリケーション・ボード

To  Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd

産業用 IoT キット

To  Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd

TI デバイス (5)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
AM4372  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 マイクロプロセッサ(MPU)  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM4376  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 マイクロプロセッサ(MPU)  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM4377  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 マイクロプロセッサ(MPU)  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM4378  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 マイクロプロセッサ(MPU)  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM4379  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 マイクロプロセッサ(MPU)  Sitara プロセッサ 



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