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This reference design details a solution for an automotive daytime running light (DRL) and position light. The TPS92830-Q1 linear LED controller used in this design is directly supplied from the automotive battery, allowing you to use the same LEDs for both functions. This reference design also features good EMC performance, full protection and diagnostics.

  • Automotive Battery Supply
  • Meets CISPR 25 Conducted and Radiated Emission Standards and Passed ISO11452-4 BCI Test
  • DRL/Position Light Reuse by Using Device Internal PWM Generator
  • LED String Open Circuit, Short to Ground and Short to Battery Diagnostics With Auto Recovery
  • Fault Bus Configurable as One-Fails–All-Fail or Only-Failed-Channel-Off
  • LED Thermal Protection

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TPS92830-Q1  TPS92830-Q1 3 チャネル高電流リニア LED コントローラ  多チャネル定電流 LED ドライバ  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示


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