CC2541 ミニ開発キット

(供給中) CC2541DK-MINI






The CC2541DK-MINI development kit provides a working reference design for software development of single-mode Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications based on the Texas Instruments CC2541. The included "keyfob" board operates as a BLE peripheral device, and contains modifiable software that can be tailored towards different applications. Using BTool (Windows PC application) along with the included CC2540 USB Dongle, the Texas Instruments BLE stack can be tested and verified while developing custom applications.


The kit contains the following hardware components:

1 x CC2540 USB Dongle: This is the device that will be acting as the BLE Master. It connects to a Windows PC’s USB port, and is pre-loaded with the master demo application software.

1 x CC2541 Keyfob: This is the device that will be acting as the BLE Slave. The keyfob can be mounted inside the included plastic enclosure. It operates on a single CR2032 coin cell battery, and contains a two-colored LED, a buzzer, an accelerometer, and two buttons.

1 x CC Debugger with accessories: This is used to flash the software onto both the USB dongle as well as the keyfob. It can also be used for debugging software using IAR Embedded Workbench.

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CC2541 ミニ開発キット




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ソフトウェア (1)

名前 型番 ソフトウェア・タイプ
Bluetooth 低エネルギ・ソフトウェア・スタック  BLE-STACK  ソフトウェア・ライブラリ 

開発ツール (1)

名前 型番 ツール・タイプ
デバッガおよびプログラマ、RF システム・オン・チップ用  CC-DEBUGGER  Debug Probes/Analyzers 

設計キット&評価モジュール (1)

名前 型番 ツール・タイプ
CC2541 評価モジュール・キット  CC2541EMK  ドーター・カード 

リファレンス・デザイン (2)

名前 Part Number ツール・タイプ
CC2540 USB ドングル・リファレンス・デザイン  CC2540USB-RD  リファレンス・デザイン 
CC2541 Keyfob リファレンス・デザイン  CC2541KEYFOB-RD  TI Designs

TI デバイス (3)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
CC2540  SimpleLink Bluetooth スマート・ワイヤレス MCU、USB付き  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 
CC2541  SimpleLink Bluetooth スマートおよび専用ワイヤレス MCU  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 
CC2541-Q1  2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy および専用システム・オン・チップ  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 



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