2.1MHz 4 チャネル、デジタル入力クラス-D オーディオ・アンプ、I2C 診断および保護付、評価モジュール

(供給中) TAS6424Q1EVM






The TAS6424 evaluation module showcases the first true 2.1Mhz 4-Ch Digital Input Class-D Audio Solution for Automotive Infotainment in the market. TAS6424’s 2.1-Mhz switching frequency allows customers to significantly reduce inductor size and cost and optimize total system cost.  TAS6424 delivers 27W (10% THD+N) per channel into 4-Ω with a 14.4-V supply.  TAS6424’s  wide supply voltage capabilities, from 4.5-V to 26-V, makes it ideal for head unit and external amplifier systems while delivering top-of-the-line performance during start-stop low voltage transient events.  TAS6424 integrates I2C diagnostics and protection to match and surpass the highest standards for automotive quality and reliability.  TAS6424 CISPR25-L5 compliant EMC performance simplifies system design, lowers development cost and accelerates time-to-market delivery.  TAS6424 EVM features: Optical SPDIF, USB and PSIA (external I2S) input options and On-board USB-I2C controller for GUI driven EVM evaluation.

  • 2.1-Mhz Switching Frequency
  • 4-Ch 27-W/Ch at 10% THD+N into 4-Ω with a 14.4-V supply
  • I2C Diagnostics and Protection
  • CISPR25, class 5 Radiated/Conducted Emission compliant
  • Optical SPDIF, USB and PSIA (external I2S) input options

型番 TI またはサードパーティからご購入 供給状況

2.1MHz 4 チャネル、デジタル入力クラス-D オーディオ・アンプ、I2C 診断および保護付、評価モジュール



TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.


TI デバイス (8)

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TAS6424-Q1  75W、2MHzデジタル入力、4チャネル車載用Class-Dオーディオ・アンプ、負荷ダンプ保護およびI2C診断機能搭載  中出力オーディオ・アンプ (5-50W) 
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