-48V テレコム用電流/電圧/パワー感知、絶縁付き

(供給中) TIDA-00313





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This verified design can accurately measure current, voltage and power on a bus that carries -48V and is able to provide this data using an I²C compatible interface. This design is targeted for Telecom applications because the most common Telecom equipment’s are fed with this negative supply voltage. It uses INA226 and ISO1541. The INA226 is a current shunt and power monitor with an I²C compatible interface. This device will precisely take these measurements and will use ISO1541 to translate the negative voltage to ground referenced signals. The ISO1541 is a low-power, bidirectional I²C compatible isolator.

  • Ability to report current, voltage and power on a bus that carries -48V
  • High Accuracy:

- 10µV Offset (Max)

- 0.1% Gain Error (Max)        

  • I²C compatible interface
  • Isolation friendly for board to board communication
  • I²C compatible isolation translates -48V reference to ground referenced signals


使用許可、知的財産権、免責事項に関する TI デザインのご注意を表示


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型番 名前 製品ファミリ 無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール
INA226  36V、双方向、超高精度、ローまたはハイサイド、I2C 出力電流/電力モニタ、アラート付き  電流センス・アンプ  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示
ISO1541  低消費電力、双方向、I2C アイソレータ  アイソレーション  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示


使用許可、知的財産権、免責事項に関する TI デザインのご注意を表示

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