Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 搭載シングル・マイコン 18V / 600W BLDC モーター制御のリファレンス・デザイン

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This reference design offers a Bluetooth® 5.0 SimpleLink™ option with better industrial noise immunity, more range, and less power for industrial applications such as power tools that operate from a 5- cell Li-ion battery. This power stage reference design uses a single Bluetooth low energy (BLE) MCU for both wireless connectivity and three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor trapezoidal control, designed in a single board, reducing the BOM and hence overall cost. The design demonstrates the BLE RX sensitivity of –96 dBm even when the power stage is driving motor, showing the robustness of RF performance. The design also demonstrates a small form factor power stage with overcurrent and short-circuit protection by MOSFET VDS sensing.

  • Single MCU integrating the motor control functionality as well as BLE connectivity
  • 600-W BLDC motor drive, operating from 6-V to 21.6-V, supports 27 -ARMS continuous winding current without heat sink in a small form factor of 70 mm x 45 mm
  • Offers Bluetooth 5.0 SimpleLink™ solution using a 61μA/MHz Cortex M3 MCU with additional proprietary core based sensor controller
  • Best RX sensitivity: –96 dBm (approx.) even when motor runs
  • BLE ultra-low power operation <10 uA average at 1s connection interval, 1-μA sleep current

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CC2640R2F  SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Low Energy ワイヤレス MCU  SimpleLink ソリューション  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示
CSD88584Q5DC  CSD88584Q5DC 40 V ハーフブリッジ NexFET™ パワー・ブロック  パワー MOSFET  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示
DRV8323  DRV832x 60-V 三相スマート・ゲート・ドライバ  FET 内蔵ブラシレス DC ドライバ  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示
LMT87-Q1  LMT87-Q1 - 1.5V、SC70、マルチゲイン・アナログ温度センサ、クラス AB 出力付き  温度センサ/制御 IC  無償サンプル/購入 該当なし
TPD1E10B06  1 チャネル ESD 保護デバイス、0402 パッケージ   回路保護  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示
TPS709  150mA、超低 Iq、LDO、イネーブル付   リニア・レギュレータ(LDO)  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示


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