I2C 1-4 cell NVDC Buck battery charge controller with system monitor & processor hot indicator




Number of series cells 1, 2, 3, 4 Charge current (Max) (A) 8 Operating Vin (Max) (V) 24 Cell chemistry Li-Ion/Li-Polymer, Lithium Phosphate/LiFePO4 Battery charge voltage (Min) (V) 1.024 Battery charge voltage (Max) (V) 19.2 Absolute Vin (safety rating) (Max) ((V)) 30 Control topology Switch-Mode Buck Control interface I2C Features IINDPM (Input current limit), Input OVP, Power Path Operating Vin (Min) (V) 4.5 Rating Catalog open-in-new その他の バッテリ・チャージャ IC


WQFN (RUY) 28 16 mm² 4 x 4 open-in-new その他の バッテリ・チャージャ IC


  • Host-controlled NVDC-1 1S-4S Battery Charge Controller with 4.5-24 V Input Range
    • Support SMBus (bq24770) and I2C (bq24773)
    • System Instant-on Operation with no Battery or Deeply Discharged Battery
    • Supplement Mode with Synchronous BATFET Control when Adaptor is fully loaded
  • Ultra Fast Input Current DPM at 100 µs
  • Ultra Low Quiescent Current of 600 µA and High PFM Light Load Efficiency >80% at 20 mA Load to Meet Energy Star and ErP Lot6.
  • High Accuracy Power / Current Monitor for CPU Throttling
    • Comprehensive PROCHOT Profile
    • Input and Battery Current Monitor (IADP/IBAT)
    • System Power Monitor (PMON)
  • Programmable Input Current Limit, Charge Voltage, Charge Current and Minimum System Voltage Regulation
    • ±0.5% Charge Voltage (16 mV/step)
    • ±2% Input/charge Current (64 mA/step)
    • ±2% 40x Input / 16x Discharge / 20x Charge Current Monitor
  • Support Battery LEARN Function
  • High Integration
    • NMOS ACFET and RBFET Driver
    • PMOS battery FET Gate Driver
    • Internal Loop Compensation
    • Independent Comparator
    • Automatic Trickle Charge to Wake up Gas Gauge
  • 600kHz to 1.2MHz Programmable Switching Frequency
open-in-new その他の バッテリ・チャージャ IC


The bq2477x is high-efficiency, synchronous, NVDC-1 battery charge controllers, offering low component count for space-constraint, multi-chemistry battery charging applications.

The power path management allows the system to be regulated at battery voltage but does not drop below system minimum voltage (programmable). With this feature, the system keeps operating even when the battery is completely discharged or removed. The power path management allows the battery to provide supplement current to the system to keep the input supply from being overloaded.

The bq2477x provides drivers and power path management for N-channel ACFET and reverse blocking FET. The devices provides driver to control NVDC operation of external P-channel battery FET. It also drives high-side and low-side MOSFETs of the switching regulator.

The bq2477x monitors adapter current (IADP), battery charge/discharge current (IBAT) and system power (PMON). The flexibly programmed PROCHOT output goes directly to CPU for throttle back when needed.

open-in-new その他の バッテリ・チャージャ IC
open-in-new 製品の比較
新製品 BQ25672 プレビュー デュアル入力セレクタ搭載、ADC 内蔵、I2C 制御、 1 ~ 4 セル、3A 降圧バッテリ・チャージャ 本製品は、自律充電および内蔵 FET 付きの 3A、1S ~ 4S I2C 降圧スイッチング充電器です。


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* データシート bq2477x NVDC Battery Charge Controller With System Power Monitor and Processor Hot Indicator データシート 2016年 12月 19日
技術記事 When to use rechargeable batteries in small battery applications 2019年 10月 1日
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document-generic ユーザー・ガイド

The bq2477x evaluation module (EVM) is an SMBus controlled NVDC-1 charge controller with N-CH MOSFET Selector and Current Monitoring. The input voltage range, for the buck converter, is between 6 and 24 V, with a programmable output of 1–4 cells (bq2477x) and a charge output current range of (...)

  • Host-controlled NVDC-1 1S-4S Battery Charge controller : bq24770 SMBus; bq24773 I2C
  • Provide test point for /PROCHOT, IADP, IBAT, PMON, ILIM, REGN, ACOK, ACDET and switching node
  • Programmable Input Current Limit, Charge Voltage, Charge Current and Minimum System


アプリケーション・ソフトウェアとフレームワーク ダウンロード
BQSTUDIO Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) offers a full suite of robust tools to assist with the process of evaluating, designing with, configuring, testing, or otherwise utilizing TI Battery management products. This includes features that provide full access to registers and data memory including (...)
  • Real-time Gauge Dashboard for monitoring basic registers
  • Full register access and logging
  • Full data memory access and logging
  • Product configuration and monitoring tools
  • Import and export of product configurations
  • Calibration and test automation
  • Export of FS files for the target production environment 

CAD/CAE シンボル

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WQFN (RUY) 28 オプションの表示


  • RoHS
  • デバイスのマーキング
  • リード端子の仕上げ / ボールの原材料
  • MSL rating/ リフローピーク温度
  • MTBF/FIT の推定値
  • 原材料組成
  • 認定試験結果
  • 継続的な信頼性モニタ試験結果

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