DS80PCI810 低消費電力 8 Gbps 8 チャネル・リニア・リピータ、イコライザ付き




Product type Redriver Protocols PCIe1, PCIe2, PCIe3 Applications PCIe, SATA, SAS Number of channels (#) 8 Speed (Max) (Gbps) 8 Supply voltage (V) 2.5, 3.3 Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 open-in-new その他の PCIe, SAS & SATA IC


WQFN (NJY) 54 55 mm² 10 x 5.5 open-in-new その他の PCIe, SAS & SATA IC


  • Low 70 mW/Channel (Typ) Power Consumption,
    With Option to Power Down Unused Channels
  • Seamless Link Training Support
  • Advanced Configurable Signal Conditioning I/O
    • Receive CTLE up to ∼10 dB at 4 GHz
    • Linear Output Driver
    • Variable Output Voltage Range up to 1200
  • Automatic Receiver Detect (Hot-Plug)
  • Ultra-Low Input-to-Output Latency: 80 ps (Typ)
  • Programmable via Pin Selection, EEPROM, or
    SMBus Interface
  • Single Supply Voltage: 2.5 V or 3.3 V
  • 4 kV HBM ESD Rating
  • −40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Flow-Thru Layout in 10 mm x 5.5 mm 54-Pin
    Leadless WQFN Package
  • Pin Compatible with DS80PCI800
open-in-new その他の PCIe, SAS & SATA IC


The DS80PCI810 is an extremely low-power high-performance repeater/redriver designed to support eight channels carrying high speed interface up to 8 Gbps, such as PCIe Gen-1, 2, and 3. The receiver’s continuous time linear equalizer (CTLE) provides high frequency boost that is programmable from 2.7 to 9.5 dB at 4 GHz (8 Gbps) followed by a linear output driver. The CTLE receiver is capable of opening an input eye that is completely closed due to inter symbol interference (ISI) induced by interconnect medium such as board traces or twin axial-copper cables. The programmable equalization maximizes the flexibility of physical placement within the interconnect channel and improves overall channel performance.

When operating in PCIe applications, the DS80PCI810 preserves transmit signal characteristics, thereby allowing the host controller and the end point to negotiate transmit equalizer coefficients. This transparency in the link training protocol facilitates system level interoperability and minimizes latency.

The programmable settings can be applied easily via pin control, software (SMBus or I2C), or direct loading from an external EEPROM. In EEPROM mode, the configuration information is automatically loaded on power up, thereby eliminating the need for an external microprocessor or software driver.

open-in-new その他の PCIe, SAS & SATA IC


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ユーザー・ガイド DS80PCI810EVM User's Guide 2014年 9月 3日




評価基板 ダウンロード
document-generic ユーザー・ガイド

The DS80PCI810EVM – SMA evaluation kit provides a complete high bandwidth platform to evaluate PCIe signal conditioning features of the Texas Instruments DS80PCI810 repeater/redriver. The DS80PCI810EVM can be used for standard compliance testing, performance evaluation, and initial system (...)

  1. 8-Channel Repeater up to 8 Gbps
  2.  Transparent management of link training protocols for PCIe
  3.  Programmable via pin selection, EEPROM, or SMBus interface
  4.  Single supply operation, VIN = 3.3V ± 10% or VDD = 2.5V ± 5%


シミュレーション・モデル ダウンロード
SNLM143.PDF (25 KB) - IBIS Model
シミュレーション・ツール ダウンロード


リファレンス・デザイン ダウンロード
高速フロントエンド、PCIe Gen-3 カード用、リファレンス・デザイン
TIDA-00423 PCIe Gen3 対応の高速フロント・エンド・カードの検証済みリファレンス・デザインで、PCIe サブシステムの PCB 配線長の延長を可能にします。この基板は、マザーボードと PCIe Gen3 アドイン・カードの間に x16 レーン幅の PCIe Gen3 スロットを実装しています。このリファレンス・デザインは、DS80PCI810 リピータを、 PCIe Root Complex(ルート・コンプレックス)ASIC とアドイン・カード設計に組み込む際の指針を提供します。
document-generic 回路 document-generic ユーザー・ガイド

CAD/CAE シンボル

パッケージ ピン数 ダウンロード
WQFN (NJY) 54 オプションの表示



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