+3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 24-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link-65 MHz




Function Transmitter Color depth (bpp) 24 Pixel clock min (MHz) 18 Pixel clock (Max) (MHz) 68 Input compatibility LVCMOS, LVTTL Output compatibility FPD-Link LVDS Features No Special Start-Up Sequence Required Between Clock/Data and /PD Pins, Input Clock Detection, Power-down mode, Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA, and Dual Pixel SXGA, PLL Requires No External Components Signal conditioning LVDS Output EMI reduction LVDS, SSC Compatible Diagnostics Total throughput (Mbps) 1800 Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (C) -10 to 70 open-in-new その他の ディスプレイ用 SerDes


TSSOP (DGG) 56 113 mm² 14 x 8.1 open-in-new その他の ディスプレイ用 SerDes


  • No special start-up sequence required between clock/data and /PD pins. Input signal (clock and data) can be applied either before or after the device is powered
  • Support Spread Spectrum Clocking up to 100kHz frequency modulation and deviations of ±2.5% center spread or -5% down spread
  • "Input Clock Detection" feature will pull all LVDS pairs to logic low when input clock is missing and when /PD pin is logic high
  • 18 to 68 MHz shift clock support
  • Best-in-Class Setup and Hold Times on TxINPUTs
  • Tx power consumption < 130 mW (typ) at 65MHz Grayscale
  • 40% Less Power Dissipation than BiCMOS Alternatives
  • Tx Power-down mode < 60μW (typ)
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA and Dual Pixel SXGA.
  • Narrow bus reduces cable size and cost
  • Up to 1.8 Gbps throughput
  • Up to 227 Megabytes/sec bandwidth
  • 345 mV (typ) swing LVDS devices for low EMI
  • PLL requires no external components
  • Compatible with TIA/EIA-644 LVDS standard
  • Low profile 56-lead TSSOP package
  • Improved replacement for:
    • SN75LVDS83, DS90C383A

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. TRI-STATE is a trademark of Texas Instruments. TRI-STATE is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

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The DS90C383B transmitter converts 28 bits of CMOS/TTL data into four LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) data streams. A phase-locked transmit clock is transmitted in parallel with the data streams over a fifth LVDS link. Every cycle of the transmit clock 28 bits of input data are sampled and transmitted. At a transmit clock frequency of 65 MHz, 24 bits of RGB data and 3 bits of LCD timing and control data (FPLINE, FPFRAME, DRDY) are transmitted at a rate of 455 Mbps per LVDS data channel. Using a 65 MHz clock, the data throughput is 227 Mbytes/sec. The DS90C383B transmitter can be programmed for Rising edge strobe or Falling edge strobe through a dedicated pin. A Rising edge or Falling edge strobe transmitter will interoperate with a Falling edge strobe Receiver (DS90CF386) without any translation logic.

This chipset is an ideal means to solve EMI and cable size problems associated with wide, high speed TTL interfaces.

open-in-new その他の ディスプレイ用 SerDes


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自動試験装置向け、FPGA 使用とデータ・スループットを最適化するリファレンス・デザイン
TIDA-01051 — TIDA-01051 リファレンス・デザインは、自動試験機器(ATE)などの非常にチャネル数の多いデータ・アクイジション(DAQ)システムのチャネル密度、統合、消費電力、クロック・ディストリビューション、シグナル・チェーン性能を最適化します。TI の DS90C383B などのシリアライザを使用して、多くの同時サンプリング ADC の出力を複数の LVDS ラインに組み合わせることにより、ホスト FPGA が処理する必要のあるピン数を大幅に低減できます。  その結果、単一 FPGA による非常に多くの DAQ チャネル処理が可能になり、ボード配線の複雑さを大幅に軽減できます。
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