SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 KHz 2A Step-Down Voltage Regulator with Features




Vin (Min) (V) 4.5 Vin (Max) (V) 60 Vout (Min) (V) 1.2 Vout (Max) (V) 57 Iout (Max) (A) 2 Iq (Typ) (mA) 5 Switching frequency (Min) (kHz) 110 Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) 173 Features Over Current Protection, Power Good Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 Rating Catalog Regulated outputs (#) 1 open-in-new その他の 降圧コンバータ(スイッチ内蔵)


TO-220 (NDZ) 7 83 mm² 10.16 x 8.13 TO-263 (KTW) 7 154 mm² 10.1 x 15.24 open-in-new その他の 降圧コンバータ(スイッチ内蔵)


  • 3.3-V, 5-V, and Adjustable Output Versions
  • Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range: 1.2 V
    to 57 V ±4% Maximum Over Line and Load
  • Ensured 2-A Output Load Current
  • Available in 7-Pin TO-220 and TO-263 (Surface-
    Mount) Package
  • Input Voltage Range up to 60 V
  • 150-kHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator
  • Shutdown and Soft-Start
  • Out-of-Regulation Error Flag
  • Error Flag Delay
  • Low Power Standby Mode: IQ, Typically 90 µA
  • High Efficiency
  • Thermal Shutdown and Current-Limit Protection
open-in-new その他の 降圧コンバータ(スイッチ内蔵)


The LM2593HV series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 2-A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3-V, 5-V, and an adjustable output version.

This series of switching regulators is similar to the LM2592HV with additional supervisory and performance features.

Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are simple to use and include internal frequency compensation, improved line and load specifications, fixed-frequency oscillator, Shutdown/Soft-start, output error flag, and flag delay.

The LM2593HV operates at a switching frequency of 150 kHz, thus allowing smaller sized filter components than what would be needed with lower frequency switching regulators. Available in a standard 7-pin TO-220 package with several different lead bend options, and a 7-pin TO-263 surface-mount package.

Other features include a specified ±4% tolerance on output voltage under all conditions of input voltage and output load conditions, and ±15% on the oscillator frequency. External shutdown is included, featuring typically 90-µA standby current. Self-protection features include a two stage current limit for the output switch and an overtemperature shutdown for complete protection under fault conditions.

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open-in-new 製品の比較
LM76002 アクティブ 3.5V ~ 60V、2.5A 同期整流降圧電圧コンバータ Next-generation 3.5-V to 60-V, 2.5-A synchronous step-down voltage converter.


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SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Converter 150 kHz 2A Step-Down Voltage Regulator, with Features

  • 3.3V, 5V, and adjustable output versions
  • Adjustable version output voltage range, 1.2V to 57V ?4% max over line and load conditions
  • Guaranteed 2A output load current
  • Available in 7-pin TO-220 and TO-263 (surface mount) package
  • Input voltage range up to 60V
  • 150 kHz fixed frequency internal oscillator
  • (...)


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SNVMAK8.ZIP (67 KB) - PSpice Model
シミュレーション・モデル ダウンロード
SNVMAK9.ZIP (3 KB) - PSpice Model

CAD/CAE シンボル

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