MSP430FR5739-EP MSP430FR5739-EP ミックスド・シグナル・マイクロコントローラ |

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MSP430FR5739-EP ミックスド・シグナル・マイクロコントローラ

MSP430FR5739-EP ミックスド・シグナル・マイクロコントローラ - MSP430FR5739-EP


The Texas Instruments MSP430FR573x family of ultra-low-power microcontrollers consists of multiple devices that feature embedded FRAM nonvolatile memory, ultra-low-power 16-bit MSP430™ CPU, and different peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, FRAM, and peripherals, combined with seven low-power modes, are optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable and wireless sensing applications. FRAM is a new nonvolatile memory that combines the speed, flexibility, and endurance of SRAM with the stability and reliability of flash, all at lower total power consumption. Peripherals include a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a 16-channel comparator with voltage reference generation and hysteresis capabilities, three enhanced serial channels capable of I2C, SPI, or UART protocols, an internal DMA, a hardware multiplier, an RTC, five 16-bit timers, and digital I/Os.


  • Embedded Microcontroller
    • 16-Bit RISC Architecture up to 24-MHz Clock
    • Wide Supply Voltage Range (2 to 3.6 V)
    • –55°C to 85°C Operation
  • Optimized Ultra-Low-Power Modes
    • Active Mode: 81.4 µA/MHz (Typical)
    • Standby (LPM3 With VLO): 6.3 µA (Typical)
    • Real-Time Clock (LPM3.5 With Crystal): 1.5 µA
    • Shutdown (LPM4.5): 0.32 µA (Typical)
  • Ultra-Low-Power Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM)
    • Up to 16KB of Nonvolatile Memory
    • Ultra-Low-Power Writes
    • Fast Write at 125 ns per Word (16KB in 1 ms)
    • Built-In Error Correction Coding (ECC) and
      Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
    • Universal Memory = Program + Data + Storage
    • 1015 Write Cycle Endurance
    • Radiation Resistant and Nonmagnetic
  • Intelligent Digital Peripherals
    • 32-Bit Hardware
      Multiplier (MPY)
    • Three-Channel Internal DMA
    • Real-Time Clock (RTC) With Calendar and
      Alarm Functions
    • Five 16-Bit Timers With up to Three
      Capture/Compare Registers
    • 16-Bit Cyclic Redundancy Checker(CRC)
  • High-Performance Analog
    • 16-Channel Analog Comparator With Voltage
      Reference and Programmable Hysteresis
    • 14-Channel 10-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
      With Internal Reference and Sample-and-Hold
      • 200 ksps at 100-µA Consumption
  • Enhanced Serial Communication
    • eUSCI_A0 and eUSCI_A1 Support:
      • UART With Automatic Baud-Rate Detection
      • IrDA Encode and Decode
      • SPI at Rates up to 10 Mbps
    • eUSCI_B0 Supports:
      • I2C With Multiple Slave Addressing
      • SPI at Rates up to 10 Mbps
    • Hardware UART Bootstrap Loader (BSL)
  • Power Management System
    • Fully Integrated LDO
    • Supply Voltage Supervisor for Core and
      Supply Voltages With Reset Capability
    • Always-On Zero-Power Brownout Detection
    • Serial On-Board Programming With No External
      Voltage Needed
  • Flexible Clock System
    • Fixed-Frequency DCO With Six Selectable
      Factory-Trimmed Frequencies (Device Dependent)
    • Low-Power Low-Frequency Internal Clock
      Source (VLO)
    • 32-kHz Crystals (LFXT)
    • High-Frequency Crystals (HFXT)
  • Development Tools and Software
  • Family Members
    • Variants and Available Packages Summarized in
    • For Complete Module Descriptions, See the
      MSP430FR57xx Family User‘s Guide (SLAU272)
  • Supports Defense, Aerospace, and Medical Applications
    • Controlled Baseline
    • One Assembly and Test Site
    • One Fabrication Site
    • Available in Extended (–55°C to 85°C) Temperature Range(1)
    • Extended Product Life Cycle
    • Extended Product-Change Notification
    • Product Traceability


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