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HTQFP (PFP) 80 196 mm² 14 x 14 open-in-new その他の ローサイド・スイッチ


  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified with the Following Results:
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to 125°C
      Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level 2
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C4
  • PWM Low-Side Drivers
    • 4 PWM Low-Side Driver Outputs
    • Current Limitation
    • Thermal Protection: TJ = 185°C (Minimum)
    • Open-Load Detection
    • Energy Capability: 30 mJ at TJ = 150°C
    • Clamp Voltage: 40 V
    • Low RDSon: 0.3 Ω (Maximum) at TJ = 150°C
  • Digital Low-Side Drivers
    • 4 Digital Low-Side Driver Outputs
    • Current Limitation
    • Thermal Protection: TJ = 185°C (Minimum)
    • Open-Load Detection
    • Energy Capability: 50 mJ at TJ = 150°C
    • Clamp Voltage: 40 V
    • Low RDSon: 0.2 Ω (Maximum) at TJ = 150°C
  • Dual High-Side Power Drivers
    • Direct Input Control
    • PWM Capability
    • Load Dump (overvoltage) Detection
    • Programmable overcurrent detection
    • Load Leakage Detection
    • Programmable short-circuit Protection
    • Fault detection over SPI
  • Wheel-Speed Sensor Interface
    • Compatible with Intelligent and Active Wheel-
      Speed Sensors
    • 4 High-Side Switches With Short-Circuit
    • 4 Low-Side Switches With Short-Circuit
    • 2 High Voltage Low-Side Output Drivers
    • 4 Digital Outputs to Indicate the Speed
    • Integrated Data Decoder for Intelligent Wheel-
      Speed Sensors
  • Open-Drain Warning Lamp Drivers
    • 2 High Voltage Drivers
    • Thermal Protection With Hysteresis
    • Current Limitation
    • TJ = 185°C (Minimum)
    • RDSon: 4 Ω at TJ = 150°C
    • Clamp Voltage: 40 V
  • Other Features
    • K-LINE Transceiver
    • 3.3-V or 5-V Compatible Digital IO
    • Internal 3.3-V Regulator
    • Internal Charge Pump
    • 1 Low-Voltage Open-Drain Warning Lamp
    • Full Duplex SPI Interface
    • Watchdog Input With Open-Drain Fault
      Reporting for Safety
    • Pb-Free ASIC
    • Compliant With CISPR 25 NB Class 5 for
      Conducted and Radiated Emissions
    • Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)
    • Electronic Stability Control Systems (ESC)

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open-in-new その他の ローサイド・スイッチ


The TPIC7218-Q1 device integrates in single package several functions needed in ABS and ESC electronic control units (ECU). This integration coupled with the minimization of the external components saves valuable ECU board space.

The TPIC7218-Q1 device is an antilock braking controller capable of directly driving eight solenoid valves with internal high-current low-side drivers. Low-side drivers configured for digital control do not require external voltage clamps. The TPIC7218-Q1 device has gate drive capability for two high-side N-Channel MOSFETs that can be used to drive a pump motor and power to all solenoids. The TPIC7218-Q1 device provides a fault-tolerant interface for both Intelligent and Active wheel-speed sensors to an external microprocessor. The TPIC7218-Q1 device can be used with either 3.3- or 5-V microprocessors and uses a standard SPI (Serial-Peripheral Interface).

The TPIC7218-Q1 device has two internal open-drain warning lamp drivers that can be pulled up to battery voltage, as well as one low-voltage driver. An internal state machine monitors a watchdog input and reports faults on a warning-lamp pin and SPI register. A K-Line transceiver is also included. A multitude of safety and fault monitoring functionality supervise both system and TPIC7218-Q1 circuits. Faults must be polled and reset over SPI. The TPIC7218-Q1 device is designed for use in harsh automotive environments, capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and electrically noisy signals and power. Short-to-ground, short-to-battery, and open-load conditions are tolerated and monitored. The TPIC7218-Q1 device also exhibits outstanding Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance.

open-in-new その他の ローサイド・スイッチ


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