4 個の DC/DC と 8 個の LDO と RTC 搭載、6 x 6mm QFN 封止、統合型パワー・マネージメント IC (PMIC) ファミリ




Regulated outputs (#) 12 Vin (Min) (V) 1.7 Vin (Max) (V) 5.5 Iout (Max) (A) 1.5 Step-down DC/DC controller 0 Step-down DC/DC converter 3 Step-up DC/DC controller 0 Step-up DC/DC converter 1 LDO 8 Iq (Typ) (mA) 0.36 Features Comm Control, Dynamic Voltage Scaling, Enable, I2C Control, Over Current Protection, Power Sequencing, Synchronous Rectification, Thermal Shutdown Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 Rating Catalog Processor name AM1705/07, AM1806/08, AM335x, AM3505/17, AM3703/15, DM3730/25, OMAP-L137/38, OMAP350xx, TMS320C674x, S5PV210, S5PC110, S5PC100, S5P6440x, DM643x, DM644x, IMX27, IMX35, IMX37, IMX508, IMX51, IMX53 Processor supplier Texas Instruments, Samsung, Freescale Configurability Factory programmable, Software configurable open-in-new その他の パワー・マネジメント・マルチチャネル IC(PMIC)


VQFN (RSL) 48 36 mm² 6 x 6 open-in-new その他の パワー・マネジメント・マルチチャネル IC(PMIC)


  • Embedded Power Controller
  • Two Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converters for Processor Cores
  • One Efficient Step-Down DC-DC Converter for I/O Power
  • One Efficient Step-Up 5-V DC-DC Converter
  • SmartReflex Compliant Dynamic Voltage Management for Processor Cores
  • 8 LDO Voltage Regulators and One Real-Time Clock (RTC) LDO (Internal Purpose)
  • One High-Speed I2C Interface for General-Purpose Control Commands (CTL-I2C)
  • One High-Speed I2C Interface for SmartReflex Class 3 Control and Command (SR-I2C)
  • Two Enable Signals Multiplexed with SR-I2C, Configurable to Control any Supply State and Processor Cores Supply Voltage
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection and Hot-Die Detection
  • An RTC Resource With:
    • Oscillator for 32.768-kHz Crystal or 32-kHz Built-in RC Oscillator
    • Date, Time, and Calendar
    • Alarm Capability
  • One Configurable GPIO
  • DC-DC Switching Synchronization Through Internal or External 3-MHz Clock
open-in-new その他の パワー・マネジメント・マルチチャネル IC(PMIC)


The TPS65910 device is an integrated power-management IC available in 48-QFN package and dedicated to applications powered by one Li-Ion or Li-Ion polymer battery cell or 3-series Ni-MH cells, or by a 5-V input; it requires multiple power rails. The device provides three step-down converters, one step-up converter, and eight LDOs and is designed to support the specific power requirements of OMAP-based applications.

Two of the step-down converters provide power for dual processor cores and are controllable by a dedicated class-3 SmartReflex interface for optimum power savings. The third converter provides power for the I/Os and memory in the system.

The device includes eight general-purpose LDOs providing a wide range of voltage and current capabilities. The LDOs are fully controllable by the I2C interface. The use of the LDOs is flexible; they are intended to be used as follows: Two LDOs are designated to power the PLL and video DAC supply rails on the OMAP-based processors, four general-purpose auxiliary LDOs are available to provide power to other devices in the system, and two LDOs are provided to power DDR memory supplies in applications requiring these memories.

In addition to the power resources, the device contains an embedded power controller (EPC) to manage the power sequencing requirements of the OMAP systems and an RTC.

open-in-new その他の パワー・マネジメント・マルチチャネル IC(PMIC)


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評価ボード ダウンロード
document-generic ユーザー・ガイド

The TPS65910A3EVM-583 is a stand-alone module that demonstrates the functions of the integrated power management IC. It uses a USB-to-GPIO interface card (not included in the kit) to control the standard I2C interfaces in the TPS65910 device. It includes Windows compatible software to interface with (...)

  • An EPC Two efficient step-down DCDC converters for processor cores
  • One efficient step-down DCDC converter for I/O power
  • One efficient step-up 5-V DCDC converter
  • SmartReflex-compliant dynamic voltage management for processor cores
  • Eight LDO voltage regulators and one RTC LDO (internal purpose)
  • One (...)


ドライバまたはライブラリ ダウンロード
TPS65910 用 Linux ドライバ
TPS65910SW-LINUX The TPS65910/1 Linux drivers contain support for the I2C bus framework. Additional driver files support the Linux regulator framework to manage the output regulation of the IC and the Linux GPIO framework to support adding the IC's GPIO's to the system. In addition to the power resources, the Linux (...)
評価基板 (EVM) 向けの GUI ダウンロード
IPG-UI The IPG-UI GUI can be used to configure multiple PMIC devices to evaluate the features and performance of those devices.  This GUI is build using web based technologies and supports interacting with the EVM hardware using a USB2ANY adapter board. The USB2ANY Explorer is provided to allow (...)
評価基板 (EVM) 向けの GUI ダウンロード
SWCC010.ZIP (433 KB)


シミュレーション・モデル ダウンロード
SLVMBA8.ZIP (144 KB) - IBIS Model
回路図 ダウンロード
SWCC009A.ZIP (540 KB)
CAD/CAE シンボル ダウンロード
SWCC012.ZIP (5 KB)


多くのTIリファレンス・デザインには、 TPS65910 が含まれています。 TIのリファレンス・デザイン・セレクション・ツールを使用して、お客様のアプリケーションとパラメータに最適な設計を確認し、特定してください。

CAD/CAE シンボル

パッケージ ピン数 ダウンロード
VQFN (RSL) 48 オプションの表示


  • RoHS
  • デバイスのマーキング
  • リード端子の仕上げ / ボールの原材料
  • MSL rating/ リフローピーク温度
  • MTBF/FIT の推定値
  • 原材料組成
  • 認定試験結果
  • 継続的な信頼性モニタ試験結果

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