STB(セット・トップ・ボックス) と DVR(デジタル・ビデオ・レコーダ)関連システム設計リソースとブロック図


Set Top Boxes (STB) | Audio Video Streaming Media

Design Considerations

TI offers comprehensive solutions for Digital Set Top Box (STB). The TI system block diagram for STB/Streaming Media provides solutions for cable, satellite and IPTV (Internet Protocol television) Set Top Boxes. This TI system block diagram can also be used for determining solutions for standalone Streaming Media products.

Core subsystem includes:

  • Video Interfaces - The video interfaces (output) include HDMI and Component and/or Composite video. These outputs often require high-performance video filters/amplifiers to enhance the video output from the SoC (System on Chip). Additionally these outputs often require ESD protection. Newer STB platforms provide HD (High Definition) as well as full HD at 1080p resolution and 3D.
  • Audio Interfaces – The audio output from the SoC (System on Chip) is made available via the stereo output jack and headphones. With such features as high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and analog low-pass filtering, a high-quality audio output is required as well as an audio line driver. Additionally there may be an audio SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format) input/output interface requiring a digital audio transceiver.
  • USB input – A USB input to the STB requires current-limit and ESD protection
  • Ethernet input – One or more Ethernet inputs may be present for providing media content over the Ethernet.
  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Interface for personal video recording or media storage STBs and Streaming Media devices have internal HDD, and often an interface for external HDD via SATA.
  • User Interface - Allows the user to control video/audio I/O sources and communication with the system network. The user interface also includes connectivity to the remote control via an IrDA or low-power wireless device residing on the unit itself as well as on the remote control unit. Most STBs now utilize an RF remote control using RF4CE.
  • Wireless Connectivity - Allows streaming audio and video transmit and receive through 802.11 interface.
  • MCU - The MSP430 microcontroller can be used for managing the interface with the remote control and other user interface peripherals.
  • Power Conversion - Including the AC-to-DC conversion to create the main power for the unit itself, the functional blocks in the STB require powering. The power architecture for the STB will vary by platform depending upon the core SoC (System on Chip), memory, analog front-end, analog signal chain components and interfaces used in the specific platform.  High efficiency single and multi-output switching regulators and low current LDOs are required. MOSFET load switches can be used for sequencing of the power rails. TI offers all the necessary power solutions to meet stringent energy conservation mandates.
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名称 型番 会社名 ソフトウェア/ツール・タイプ
PurePath™ Studio グラフィカル開発環境 AICPUREPATH_STUDIO Texas Instruments IDE (統合開発環境)、構成機能、またはデバッガ
MSP CapTIvate デザイン・センタ GUI MSPCAPTDSNCTR Texas Instruments アプリケーション・ソフトウェアとフレームワーク
オーディオ・システム設計 / 開発向け PurePath™ Console グラフィカル開発スイート PUREPATHCONSOLE Texas Instruments アプリケーション・ソフトウェアとフレームワーク
DP83867ERGZ-R-EVM RGMII 1000M/100M/10M イーサネット PHY 評価モジュール DP83867ERGZ-R-EVM Texas Instruments 評価ボード
LNB 電圧レギュレータ、I2C インターフェイス付き、評価モジュール TPS65235EVM-694 Texas Instruments 評価ボード
LP5569 エンジン制御機能 / チャージ・ポンプ付き 9 チャネル I2C RGB LED ドライバの評価モジュール BOOST-LP5569EVM Texas Instruments 評価ボード
TPS2595 eFuse の評価モジュール TPS2595EVM Texas Instruments 評価ボード


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