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  Title Version Description Size USB 5_10_00_17 Stack and Examples 27240 K
MSPUSBDescriptorTool-5_00_10_19-windows-installer.exe Windows Descriptor Tool Installer 5852 K Linux Descriptor Tool Installer 5840 K Mac OSX Descriptor Tool Installer 6864 K
MSP430_USB_Firmware_Upgrade_Example- Firmware Upgrade Example (Windows-only Commercial licensed) 10284 K Python based Firmware Upgrade Example (Open Source Licensed) 6648 K Java HID Demo (Open Source Licensed) 11668 K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4 K

Release Information

The MSP430 USB Developers Package provides APIs that make it easy to implement a simple USB data connection between a MSP430 and an USB host. It includes support for these common USB device classes:

  • Communications Device Class (CDC)
  • Human Interface Device class (HID)
  • Mass Storage Class (MSC)
  • Personal Healthcare Device Class (PHDC)


  • contains components that are all BSD licensed.
    • MSP430 USB API that supports Virtual COMport (CDC), Human Interface (HID), Mass Storage (MSC) and Continua Medical (PHDC) device classes.
    • MSP430 USB Descriptor Tool which is BSD licensed and requires the user to install Java.
    • Java HID Demo - A Java based host application that makes it easy for a USB host PC to communicate with an MSP430-based device running the MSP430 HID Datapipe APIs. It is designed to make HID easy for general-purpose USB communication. Requires the user to install Java.
    • Python USB Field Firmware Upgrader - Allows customers to easily customize and release an installer package for upgrading MSP430-based devices in the field, using the MSP430's on-chip USB bootstrap loader (BSL). The package contains all necessary source code to enable quick and easy custom modification.
  • MSPUSBDescriptorTool-5_00_10_19-windows-installer.exe and
    • MSP430 Descriptor Tool Installers for Windows and Linux which do not require Java to be installed separately.
  • MSP430_USB_Firmware_Upgrade_Example-1.3.1-Setup.exe
    • Installer for Visual Studio based Field Firmware Upgrader
    • Installer for Python based Field Firmware Upgrader (This is also included in

New in

  • USB Stack Code and Examples:
    • USB stack code updated with bug fixes
    • CHM2_tasks and CHM3_SWIs IAR examples removed from examples directory. Please refer to TI-RTOS examples for USB working with TI-RTOS/SYSBIOS
    • USB examples verified on Windows 10
  • Descriptor Tool
    • The maximum current drain drop down menu includes current from 0 to 500ma.
  • Java HidDemo tool and Python Firmware Upgrader tools
    • No changes
  • USB_API changes
    • usbSetIdle() function updated to reply to a SET_IDLE command with a zero packet length response
    • ifdef condition added as appropriate for include files in usb.c file based on device type
    • typedef instruction wrapped with cplusplus wrapper in usb.c file
    • Scsi_Cmd_Parser() function in UsbMscScsi.c file updated to support ‘Eject' functionality