Bluetooth サービス・パック、CC256xB 用




The package contains Init Scripts (for BT4.0 and BT4.1) and Add-Ons (for Audio/Voice Processing and for BLE support).

CC256x -BT-SP

The CC256x Bluetooth Service Packs (SP) are mandatory initialization scripts that contain bug fixes and platform specific configurations. They must be loaded into the corresponding CC256x device after every power cycle. The CC256x SPs are delivered in the form of a Bluetooth Script (BTS) file. A BTS file is a scripted binary file which defines the actions that should be applied to the embedded HCI commands and HCI events within the file itself.

In order to operate the chip, the stack first downloads the init script and then use the relevant add-on per user request (only one add-on can be used at a certain time).

Specific chip and platform support

The service pack contains different BTS files per different devices (CC2560B , CC25604B, CC2560 and CC2564) and per different platforms (one for MSP430 V1.4 R2 and one for older MSP430 releases or for other platforms).

Please refer to “CC256x Service Packs Guide and Release Notes” (see below) for more information on the different options.

Conversion of Service pack in to ".h" format for TI’s Bluetooth stack

Service pack (SP) BTS (i.e. “*.bts”) files should be converted to a C header file (“*.h”) format using the Bluetooth Hardware Evaluation Tool (BHET, see “development tools” below), to use it with TI’s Bluetooth stack. The BHET Tool can be downloaded from our main wiki and how to modify and save it as in the desired format can be found here. For all the latest TI’s Bluetooth stack versions you need to replace \Bluetopia\btpsvend\CC256XB.h (or \Bluetopia\btpsvend\CC256X.h) files respective (by taking the backup of the original file) depending on your Chip revision.

Note: Must turn off the sleep mode from the Service Packs (SP) as it is taken care from the TI’s Bluetooth stack.

  • Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 115.2Kbps UART baud rate
  • XTAL Support
  • Sleep Enabled



CC256XB-BT-SP TI デュアル・モード Bluetooth® サービス・パック、CC256x 向け

バージョン: v1.8
リリース日: 16-Aug-2019


Bluetooth 製品
CC2564MODA BR (基本レート)、EDR (エンハンスド・データ・レート)、LE (Low Energy) モジュールに対応、アンテナ統合、Bluetooth® 4.1


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CC256XMSPBTBLESW Stonestreet One BT+BLE スタックおよびプロファイル、MSP430 上の CC256x 用


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