SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad リファレンス・デザイン
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This Launchpad Wi-Fi® reference design, featuring the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3200 internet-on-a-chip solution with integrated MCU, was designed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This embedded Wi-Fi solution is a wireless MCU that integrates a high-performance Cortex™-M4 MCU and peripherals allowing customers to develop an entire application with a single IC. CC3200 includes an M4 Core running at 80MHz with RAM options up to 256KB providing flexibility to match your end application.  A rich peripheral set including SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, SDMMC, 4Channel ADC, 4 PWMs and built in power management are included.  Powerful crypto engines such as AES, 3DES, SHA and CRC enable your application to safely connect to the cloud.

With built-in wireless and Internet security protocols and on-chip security accelerators, the SimpleLink CC3200 solution provides a robust, pain free security experience for the Internet of Things. 




  • Wi-Fi® network processor with on-chip WLAN and TCP/IP stacks
  • On-chip Cortex™ M4 80MHz processor allows custom APIs to be done on-chip
  • 802.11 b/g/n Station with fully integrated auto-calibrated radio, baseband, and MAC
  • Advanced Wi-Fi connection manager with no host processor involvement
  • 2 UART, 2 SPI, camera, audio, I2C, 4-ch 12-bit ADC, 4 timers, 16-bit PWM, 27 GPIOs
  • Embedded Crypto engine with 256-bit encryption, WPA personal and enterprise security



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CC3200  2 TLS/SSL と 256kB RAM 搭載、SimpleLink™ 32 ビット Arm Cortex-M4 Wi-Fi® ワイヤレス・マイコン (MCU)  SimpleLink ソリューション  無償サンプル/購入 設計キット&評価モジュール表示


型番 パッケージ | ピン数 CAD ファイル(.bxl) STEP モデル(.stp)
CC3200 ダウンロード -

テキサス・インスツルメンツは Accelerated Designs, Inc. と連携して、TI 製品用の回路図記号と PCB レイアウト・フットプリントを提供しています。

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ZIP 3832 2015年 4月 29日

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SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad  CC3200-LAUNCHXL  評価基板 

ソフトウェア開発 (1)

名前 型番 ソフトウェア・タイプ
SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 ソフトウェア開発キット(SDK)  CC3200SDK  ソフトウェア開発キット (SDK) 


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